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Chapter 338

人造人間 街へ…
Jinzouningen Machi e...

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #38
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 29
Kanzenban: 23


Piccolo says if they can't feel their ki, they'll have to search with their eyes. Gokuu agrees they should all search, but don't get too close, let everyone know if you find them. Then they each fly down into the city. Gokuu lands on top of a building, and wishes Trunks had shown him a photograph of them or something. Kuririn is on the sidewalk wondering who it is, while some nearby dude freaks out that Kuririn flew. Kuririn asks the dude if he's seen anyone suspicious, and the dude says, "Yeah! You..." Piccolo and Tenshinhan have also landed, Gohan helps Yajirobe (who crashed in the ocean), and Yamcha runs through an alley. The Jinzouningen are just standing in the road somewhere, and two dudes asks them if they saw the car explode. The fat pale Jinzouningen says nothing, and then headbutts one dude, and punches the other. Then a car comes up and yells at the old man Jinzouningen for standing in the middle of the road. The old man Jinzouningen just puts his fist through the hood, pulling out some wires. Then he grabs the dude by the neck, lifts him up (still by the neck) through the roof of the car, then squeezes the dude's neck until it pops off from the shoulders (ugh...). A woman sees this and screams, and Yamcha hears it and rushes over. The woman runs off, and the old man Jinzouningen starts beeping.

OLD MAN: A human with an unusually large energy signal is coming this way. A search system malfunction?
FAT PALE: It isn't malfunctioning, Twenty. I have caught the same energy.
OLD MAN: It's greatly surpassed human data...
FAT PALE: We've unexpectedly found him... It's SON GOKUU.

(If the old man Jinzouningen is Twenty, then the fat pale Jinzouningen is Nineteen.) Yamcha says this is the area, and notices the two dudes Nineteen beat up. Then he spots some people in a building window, and asks them if he saw who killed these two. They say it was two strange people, but they're gone now. Yamcha gets pissed, but thinks he should at least call the others for now. The Jinzouningen are now up in the air, and Nineteen says, "No, it is not SON GOKUU. The data does not match. There is a 96% probability that it is the human called Yamcha." Both of them land behind Yamcha, who is thinking maybe he shouldn't call the others. Yamcha turns around and asks them if they've seen where the two murderers went. Yamcha gets a good look at them, and realizes... Twenty says, "It's us." Yamcha starts to call the others, but Twenty puts his hand over Yamcha's mouth, holding him up in the air like this. Yamcha thinks to himself that his strength is... And then, Twenty drives his other arm straight through Yamcha's chest, and out his back.








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