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Chapter 352

Bejiita Tai Juuhachigou

Weekly Jump Issue: 1991 #52
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 30
Kanzenban: 24


Vegeta and Eighteen stand in the middle of the road staring each other down, and then she charges at him. Vegeta just barely blocks her punches, while she has no trouble blocking his. Vegeta ends up with his back against the random mountain thing, and Eighteen punches at him. He just barely leans away, then grabs her arm and tosses her high up, into the upper part of the mountain. He flies up after her, but she gets out of his way. Then she blocks a kick from him, but he gets in a punch. Seventeen is surprised that Doctor Gero's data on him was way off, and thinks Vegeta is impressive. Eighteen smirks, and Vegeta wonders if a mechanical doll could take damage. He puts out his hand, with the palm facing out in a 90° angle, and says it doesn't matter, because he'll blow her to pieces, then she won't laugh again.

A big 18-wheeler comes up behind Eighteen (heh), and the driver yells at them to get out of the middle of the road. Vegeta fires a blast, but Eighteen manages to fly out of the way. The truck explodes, though, and Vegeta is a bit surprised at her speed. Eighteen thinks he wasn't serious, and Vegeta says of course not. "If I were serious, the Earth would be gone..." Eighteen suggests they get serious, and Vegeta says she'll regret this. She flies at him and headbutts him hard, and Vegeta starts to bleed. He rushes at her and punches her in the stomach, but she just grins and knees him in the stomach. Vegeta doubles over, and she knocks him straight through the random mountain thing. Just then, the others arrive, and Trunks asks Vegeta-san if he's okay. Vegeta gets out of the rubble, a bit busted up, and asks if they really think they'd be any help here.








  1. Incomplete
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