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Chapter 354

Yoyuu no Jinzouningentachi

Weekly Jump Issue: 1992 #3·4
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 30
Kanzenban: 24


Trunks continues flying in, and Seventeen goes after him, then Piccolo and Tenshinhan follow. Trunks brings his sword down, and Eighteen puts her arm up. The sword chips from hitting her arm, and then Seventeen knocks Trunks down into the ground. Then Piccolo arrives, and Seventeen hits him with a hard kick. Then he gets Tenshinhan in a headlock and starts choking him. Vegeta flies up to attack Seventeen, but Eighteen grabs his foot. Trunks starts to get up, and so Eighteen swings Vegeta into him, knocking them both out. Piccolo gets up, and then goes to save Tenshinhan. Seventeen throws Tenshinhan aside, and delivers a really hard blow to Piccolo's gut. Piccolo hits the ground, and Vegeta gets up again, and tries to blast Eighteen with his good arm. But she dodges it, then hits him hard and sends him to the ground on his knees. She kicks him while he's down, and then leaves him alone once he's on his back. Vegeta then loses his Super Saiyan.

Seventeen notes that his hair has turned back to its original color, and the strange light is gone. And it's the same with the other dude, who they have no data on, but it doesn't matter. He and Eighteen fly back up to the road, where Kuririn still is. Kuririn is scared, but Seventeen tells him don't worry, they're still alive, so hurry and feed them Senzu to heal. Then Seventeen says see ya, and Eighteen asks him if he won't ask where Son Gokuu is. Seventeen says it'll be more fun if they search for themselves, and Eighteen thinks he's really immature. Seventeen asks Sixteen what he's looking at. "You were too noisy, so the little birds flew away." Eighteen says there's barely any cars here, and Kuririn is speechless.








  1. Incomplete
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