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Chapter 356

Kamisama no Jouken

Weekly Jump Issue: 1992 #6
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 30
Kanzenban: 24


Kami-sama and Piccolo stare each other down, while Mister Popo nervously looks on. Piccolo says he probably knows why he's here, and Kami-sama says he does. "Originally, you and I... No, more accurately, your parent and I were one... I know how you think... I never thought the day would come when you and I would unite once more..." Piccolo says it's not a union, he just needs him for a super power up, and Kami's only real use now is for the Dragon Balls anyway. Kami-sama agrees with him, one day their difference in power just suddenly greatened, and Kami-sama has been no use against any of these strong enemies. Even Trunks, who came from the future and instantly defeated Freeza and his father, and Vegeta, who is stronger than Trunks, were no match for the Jinzouningen. And it would probably be the same case when Son Gokuu recovers. "I guess the time for Kami and Daimaou to become one has arrived..."

Piccolo says that's right, what Earth needs now isn't a god, but him with super power. And Kami-sama says he'll give him that, but there's one more thing. Kami-sama wonders if those three Jinzouningen really would harm the Earth. Piccolo wants to know what the hell he's talking about, they were just fighting the Jinzouningen. Kami-sama says THEY were the ones who started the fight, and the Jinzouningen didn't even kill them. Piccolo thinks he didn't hear what Trunks said about the wrecked future. But Kami-sama did hear, and he says these Jinzouningen are a bit different from the ones Trunks knew in his future. Piccolo thinks Kami wants to say they're cute or something, but Kami-sama says that's not it. If he's going to make this final decision, he wants it to be for a definite reason. Piccolo thinks he's a coward, but decides to wait here.

The Jinzouningen are flying along, and then spot a car down at a little truck stop. Two delivery truck dudes (for "Lucky Foods") are getting coffee, while Seventeen looks in the back of the truck (more like a van, actually) and says the cargo's in the way. The two dudes wonder what's up, as Sixteen tips the van over and dumps all the cargo out. Then the three of them get in the van, Sixteen in the back where the cargo was, Seventeen in the driver's seat, and Eighteen in the passenger's seat. Seventeen says they'll go to Son Gokuu's house now, but Eighteen protests and says she wants clothes first. They drive off, and the dudes are left in shock.

Tenshinhan, Kuririn, and Trunks are flying along, and Tenshinhan says he'll go back to Chaozu, he's probably worried. Kuririn says they'll take Gokuu to Mutenroushi-sama's, and they should be able to buy plenty of time there. Tenshinhan says to tell Gokuu not to do anything unreasonable, as he turns to fly in the other direction. Trunks can't believe how much history has changed, for the Jinzouningen to be this strong, and more than two of them. Kuririn says that's just how it is now. After a while, they reach Gokuu's house, but before they go in, Kuririn wants to asks Trunks something -- are the Jinzouningen really that bad? Trunks says they're incredibly cold-hearted, why? Kuririn says they just didn't seem like they were, but Trunks tells him not to think so naively, and Kuririn thinks about Eighteen.

Kuririn knocks, and Chichi throws the door open hoping it's Gohan-chan, hitting Kuririn in the head. Chichi wonders what Kuririn-san wants, and Kuririn whispers to Trunks that this is Gokuu's wife. Yamcha comes out, and says he's glad to see they're safe. Kuririn asks about Gokuu, and Yamcha says he's fine, he took his medicine and now he's sleeping, then wonders why the future kid is here. Kuririn says they'll explain later, but for now, they must move to Mutenroushi-sama's. There's three terrible Jinzouningen on their way here. So, Yamcha, Chichi, Kuririn, and Trunks pack some things and carry Gokuu into a capsule plane, and decide to wait for Gohan before they leave. Then Gohan arrives, and wonders what's going on. Kuririn says they'll explain on the way, for now just get in the plane.








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