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Chapter 360

Kami to Daimaou no Yuugou

Weekly Jump Issue: 1992 #10
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 30
Kanzenban: 25


Blooma calls Kame House, and Kuririn picks up. Kuririn says Gohan and Trunks haven't arrived yet. She tells him to put it on Channel 872, and so Kuririn gets up and does so, and Yamcha and Kamesennin watch too. A reporter says they have received new information. "After the investigative team's report, many leftover clothes of what we think are the victims have been found. Now here is our reporter on the scene." The reporter says, "About fifteen thousand people have vanished. This is all of Ginger Town, but there are new findings. We've found many leftover clothes! As though the people had completely melted! On the side of this image of clothing is a rifle, as though this person had tried to fight something." Kuririn thinks this must be the Jinzouningen. But Blooma doubts that, and thinks Gohan and Trunks would too.

Kuririn asks if this has something to do with the other time machine, and Blooma says no doubt. They'll understand when Gohan and Trunks arrive. Chichi then comes down stairs and says Gokuu's sleeping peacefully. Gohan and Trunks arrive, and notice everyone staring at the TV. Kuririn tells them to watch the news, and then explain this. "Oh, what was that! Now, I hear a scream!! Gunshot!! I hear gunshots!! For some reason, over in that direction, the investigative team and the police are yelling!! What in the world... Oh, it's gotten quiet again... If I can, I'm going to get a closer look..." The report gets a surprised look on his face, and then the picture cuts out. They quickly change to another channel, only to find a camera on the ground, and someone screaming for help.

Kami-sama is worried, and Piccolo wants to know what the hell is going on down there. Kami-sama says alright, and Piccolo tells him to say what monster he saw in the lower world. Kami-sama says there's no need. Once they're united and become one, he'll understand. Piccolo is glad he's finally made up his mind. Kami-sama says they must hurry, before there's anymore victims. Piccolo says he'll be the base, and Kami-sama says of course, he's younger and far more powerful. Piccolo puts his hand on Kami-sama's chest, and Kami-sama smiles and says it's not a god the Earth needs now, but someone strong. He tells Piccolo his evil heart is nearly gone, and there'll be no need for them to split again. He thanks Mister Popo, and then... Kami-sama screams, and starts flashing, then gets absorbed into Piccolo or something.

Popo says goodbye Kami-sama, please don't die. Piccolo says he's no longer Kami or Piccolo. He's a Nameckian who's forgotten his true name. Then Piccolo says bye and flies off. Meanwhile, Trunks has explained everything to the others apparently, and says he wants to go make certain it was the thing that shed its skin. Everyone protests, but Trunks says he'll be okay, he's a Super Saiyan, and the real threat is the Jinzouningen. Gohan wants to go to, but Chichi says no. Trunks says he'll be alright alone, and asks everyone to protect Gokuu-san from the Jinzouningen. Then he starts to head out the door. Meanwhile, Piccolo lands in the streets of Ginger Town. "So you've appeared, monster."








  1. Incomplete
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