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Chapter 362

Jinjaa Taun no Kettou

Weekly Jump Issue: 1992 #12
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 31
Kanzenban: 25


MONSTER: Mistaken you for someone else? Are you saying you are not Piccolo Daimaou?
PICCOLO: That's right.

Trunks, flying along with Kuririn, says there's another tremendous ki now, someone he doesn't know. Kuririn says it's Piccolo, and thinks it's awesome that he really did unite, now he's a Super Nameckian. Trunks is amazed there's someone who could power up this much. Meanwhile, Piccolo says it's convenient all the citizens of this town are gone, so now he can REALLY fight. He puts out a hand and blasts the monster, causing a huge explosion. Trunks and Kuririn realize the fight is starting. When the smoke clears, a big chunk of the town has turned to wasteland.

The Jinzouningen stop their van and get out. Seventeen says the atmosphere is shaking, like a volcano erupted or something. Sixteen says in a suburb of West City, two great powers seem to be fighting. Seventeen is surprised he has a power radar, and wonders why he didn't tell them. "Because you didn't ask." Seventeen says fair enough, and wonders who's fighting who. Sixteen says he doesn't have any data on the two, though one of them rivals Seventeen and Eighteen. Seventeen says his radar must be broken, another mistake of Doctor Gero's, because there is no one in this world whose power rivals his. Then they get back in their van and drive off.

The monster is down, and Piccolo rushes at him. The monster gets up though, and swats at Piccolo, but Piccolo jumps over it, then kicks the monster. The monster recovers and turns around, only to come face to face with Piccolo, who delivers a hard kick and sends the monster flying. Then they stop, and Piccolo thinks he may have been mistaken in thinking this was such an incredible monster. The monster says this is nothing, he hasn't reached his perfect form yet. Piccolo asks if his "perfect form" is what he's been attacking humans for, and the monster says he makes bio extract into energy. Then Piccolo demands to know who sent him to this time via the time machine. The monster says he did it himself. He had to regress to an egg in order to fit into the time machine. "Even so, it's quite a surprise that you know about the time machine. But... I bet you don't know about THIS." The monsters motions his hands, get into the stance, and says "Ka...me...ha...me..."








  1. Incomplete
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