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Chapter 367

Shinsei Pikkoro Tai Juunanagou

Weekly Jump Issue: 1992 #17
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 31
Kanzenban: 25


Seventeen wonders why Piccolo's doing this, maybe to buy time. Then he tells Piccolo to come on. Piccolo is surprised he'll fight alone, and Seventeen says of course, Piccolo is no match for him anyway. Piccolo thinks this is great, even just defeating one of them means Cell can't reach his perfect form. Piccolo starts really powering up, and Sixteen gets shocked and says that's not Piccolo. Then Piccolo rushes over and elbows Seventeen in the back of the head, sending him flying. Piccolo follows him, then kicks Seventeen into the ground. He prepares for a blast as Seventeen starts to get up, then fires, blowing up a huge part of the island. Seventeen is safe up in the air though. Piccolo sees him up there and smirks, and prepares to fire something else at him.

Gokuu says Piccolo's started fighting, and Gohan wonders if his opponent is Cell. Gokuu says he can't feel their ki, so it must be a Jinzouningen. Gohan prepares to run off, saying Piccolo-san'll be killed. But Gokuu tells him there's nothing he can do if he goes. Besides, Vegeta and Trunks should soon be coming out, powered up, and Piccolo is unbelievably good right now. Speaking of Piccolo, he's surrounded Seventeen with a bunch of little balls of ki right now, and he brings them all in on Seventeen, causing a huge explosion. But, when the smoke clears, Seventeen had been behind a barrier. Piccolo is a bit annoyed. Seventeen suggests they change locations, since SOMEBODY blew up the island they were on. Meanwhile, Cell is attacking an office building. He notices a fierce ki, Piccolo's. For him to be fighting with that much power, his opponent must be the Jinzouningen! So he's found them, and with good timing. "I'm on my way now!! Just you wait!!! My power has already surpassed yours!!!"








  1. Incomplete
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