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Chapter 369

Jinzouningen Tai Seru

Weekly Jump Issue: 1992 #19
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 31
Kanzenban: 25


Piccolo gets pissed that Cell is here, he hadn't noticed because he was fighting. Seventeen wonders who this weird dude is, and Piccolo is surprised the Jinzouningen don't know about Cell. Cell says this is the day he'll combine with Seventeen and Eighteen and reach his perfect form. He looks at the Jinzouningen: Seventeen. Eighteen. ......!? He doesn't know who the other one is, but he must be one of Doctor Gero's Jinzouningen since he has the Red Ribbon Army mark on his chest. But he doesn't matter, he's an old model. Cell steps down from the random mountain thing he's perched on, and then starts powering up, blowing up a huge chunk of the random mountain thing in the process. He walks right past Piccolo, Piccolo is too shocked to try to stop him. But Piccolo then asks how many lives did he sacrifice to power up so much, and Cell says they weren't sacrifices. They should feel honored to be a part of his power.

Kuririn says Cell's powered up a lot, and Tenshinhan thinks it's all over. Kamesennin says no matter how fast Blooma comes with the controller, it'll still take twenty minutes. Kuririn says he'll go fly and get it. He can fly much faster than Blooma-san's plane, and he flies off. Tenshinhan then says he's going to aid Piccolo. Even if he's of no help, it's better than just standing around here, and he flies off, ignoring Kamesennin's objections. Kamesennin regrets that the once "World's Greatest Mutenroushi" can't do anything as he is now. Back at the battlefield, Seventeen tells Cell to leave, he's in the way, and he was busy playing with Piccolo. Piccolo then yells out "Seventeen!!! He plants to kill you and absorb you!!! Get out of here!!!!!"

Before Seventeen can really react, Cell suddenly strikes at Seventeen with his tail, and Seventeen just barely manages to get away. Cell continues trying to get him with the tail, while Seventeen barely dodges. Then Cell grabs his wrist and slams him into the ground. Then Cell tries to get him with the tail while he's down, but Piccolo suddenly kicks Cell in the face, saving him. Seventeen gets up, and asks Piccolo why does this monster want to absorb him. "I'll say it simply. His name is Cell, and he was created by Doctor Gero's computer. He's still incomplete, and he must absorb you and Seventeen to reach his perfect form." Cell tries to tell him it'll be great to be a part of his perfect super power. The ultimate warrior Doctor Gero spent so many years working on. Seventeen doesn't intend to get absorbed, and says he's already the ultimate warrior anyway. Cell says it doesn't matter if he intends to or not, it's already been decided that he will be absorbed. Seventeen says he's gonna shut Cell up.

Sixteen yells for Seventeen to run away, the enemy's Battle Power is far too great. Sixteen calmly says he won't allow this monster to reach his perfect form. His aim doesn't seem to be Son Gokuu's death, but to destroy the whole universe. Seventeen won't listen though, and rushes at Cell, but gets pounded to the ground. Piccolo runs in to help.








  1. Incomplete
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