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Chapter 371

Ugoki Hajimeta Juurokugou!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1992 #21·22
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 31
Kanzenban: 25


Eighteen protests that he'll be killed, but Sixteen just smiles. "You're good guys. You didn't needlessly take the lives of humans or animals. I enjoyed traveling with you." Tenshinhan is surprised Sixteen intends to fight. Cell punches Seventeen in the stomach, then elbows him to the ground, and Cell says he'll absorb him now if he's done with his futile resistance. He grabs Seventeen by the back of the shirt, and his tail opens up like a suction cup, wide enough to suck up Seventeen whole. His tail starts to enclose over Seventeen's head, when Sixteen puts his hand on Cell's back. Cell turns around, and Sixteen punches him and sends him flying. Cell thinks another fool who doesn't care for his own life has appeared. Seventeen asks Sixteen if he plans on fighting, and Sixteen says that's the gist of it. Seventeen thinks he'll be killed. Sixteen says he's calculated that he and Cell have about equal power.

Sixteen and Cell rush at each other, and Cell hits Sixteen hard. Then he drives his tail into Sixteen's neck, but Sixteen just smirks. Cell gets pissed he's a complete robot type, and then Sixteen grabs Cell by the tail and slams him to the ground. Then he steps on Cell and rips the tail off, so now he can't absorb anyone. Cell says he has Piccolo's cells within him, and then regenerates his tail. Sixteen says he'll just have kill Cell to prevent him from reaching his perfect form. Cell says that's impossible, but Sixteen says he won't know until he tries. But Cell knows, and he powers up a bit. Sixteen flies at him with a kick, but Cell jumps over it and kicks Sixteen, sending him flying. He flies after Sixteen and punches him in the face, sending Sixteen flying again. As Cell rushes at Sixteen again, Sixteen shoots his fist off like a rocket, hitting Cell in the face.








  1. Incomplete
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