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Chapter 373

Soshi Se yo! Seru no Kanzentai

Weekly Jump Issue: 1992 #23
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 31
Kanzenban: 25


Cell's second form: more human-shaped, pretty muscular. His feet have become smoothed out, like he's wearing boots, and his hands have become like human hands. His face is more human-shaped as well, with lips, human eyes (as opposed to the snake ones before), and no nose. Cell looks over at the Jinzouningen and smirks, then Sixteen grabs Eighteen's arm and flies off. Cell darts off, and instantly appears in front of them, though, and Sixteen can't believe his speed. Tenshinhan thinks this is awful, and then decides something. "Sorry, Chaozu. I'll probably die." Cell says they won't get away from him, and says the speed was a surprise to himself. Obviously from absorbing Seventeen, and Cell wonders if it's the same with his power.

Sixteen hits Cell with a really hard punch to the face, but Cell just smirks, unaffected. Then he puts his hand right up to Sixteen's face and blasts him. He hits the ground hard, with his head smoking. Cell says his power has gone way up too, then. He turns to Eighteen, and says it's her turn now. She puts her hand on her chest, and tells Cell if he gets any closer, she'll blow herself up, and he wouldn't want that. Then Cell starts talking with Seventeen's voice. He says it feels good to be a part of Cell, and she should also get absorbed and become a part of this ultimate life form. Eighteen is a bit uncertain, but Sixteen, with a big part of his head missing, says not to listen, Cell's just using his voice. Cell tells him to shut up, a robot wouldn't understand how they feel. Then he turns back to Eighteen, and tells her to not fret and come gain this highest power. And fulfill Doctor Gero-sama's will to defeat Son Gokuu, and take the whole world.

"You're not Seventeen!! We despised Doctor Gero for just taking us and modifying us to suit his own purposes!! He would never even accidentally say 'Doctor Gero-sama'!!" Cell says if he moves fast, he could get there in time to prevent her from blowing herself up. Eighteen looks nervous, and Cell laughs and says to give it up. Then Cell notices something, and looks up to spot Tenshinhan, overflowing with power. With his hands forming a triangle, Tenshinhan announces Shinkikouhou, and fires it down on Cell. This is definitely much more powerful than just plain Kikouhou, and it's left a much larger hole in the ground. More like a pit, I guess. Tenshinhan yells at Eighteen to stop standing there and get out of here, as Cell starts to fly up from the pit. Tenshinhan fires another Shinkikouhou down at Cell, and Eighteen runs over to Sixteen, asking him if he can fly. Tenshinhan fires yet another one. Meanwhile, Gokuu says, "Give it up, stop!! Stop it, Tenshinhan!!! If you use another Kikouhou, you'll die!!!"








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