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Chapter 377

Son Gokuu to Son Gohan

Weekly Jump Issue: 1992 #27
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 32
Kanzenban: 26


"What? You're enough by yourself!? You'll blow me to bits!?" Vegeta says that's right, and Cell thinks he's just talking stupid. Eighteen agrees that Vegeta stands no chance, and tells Sixteen this would be a good chance to run away. Sixteen says they should wait for the fight to start. But he thinks it's strange that Vegeta's Battle Power has gone way up since before. Vegeta then says he'll wipe that stupid smile off of Cell's face, and Trunks thinks Dad intends to "become" IT. Vegeta then starts powering up. At God's Palace, Piccolo says it's starting. He makes his turban and mantle reappear, and says Vegeta'll show them his beyond Super Saiyan power. Meanwhile, Gokuu and Gohan are in the Room of Spirit and Time now. Gohan says it's all white, he feels heavy, and it's hot and hard to breathe. Gokuu says with the door shut, the outer world is completely shut out, he can't feel Cell or Vegeta's ki anymore.

Gokuu says to the left is the bath and toilet, and over there is food. And up ahead is where he couldn't last more than a month when he was a kid. Gohan says it's really vast, and there's nothing here. Gokuu says it has the same amount of space as Earth, and if you go too far out there, you'll get lost and die. The temperature changes from 50° to -40°, the atmosphere is about one fourth of the Earth's, and he gravity is ten times Earth's. Gokuu says they'll start training now, and first make Gohan a Super Saiyan. Gohan thinks he might be in the way of Father's training, but Gokuu says it'd be a great help to have a good opponent. Gokuu says he wants to surpass Super Saiyan and be stronger than anyone, but he intends for Gohan to get even stronger than that. Gohan says how in Trunks-san's future he was a Super Saiyan, but still got killed by the Jinzouningen, but Gokuu says it's already way different from Trunks's future. And Gohan didn't train here in the future. Meanwhile, Vegeta continues powering up, and everyone is amazed at his power. Then Vegeta is finished, and he is noticeably bulkier, with his hair thicker and spikier too. Cell is shocked, and then Vegeta hits Cell hard in the gun.








  1. Incomplete
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