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Chapter 379

Tatareta!? Seru no Kanzentai

Weekly Jump Issue: 1992 #29
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 32
Kanzenban: 26


Cell wonders about this Super Vegeta business, and Vegeta says it'd be hard to explain it all. He says Cell should be more worried about himself, since it looks hopeless for him. Kuririn, still floating over the island, says Cell's changed since before. He gets pissed that Cell's already reached his perfect form, and they went through the trouble of making this controller for nothing. Cell gets pissed, and swats his tail at Vegeta, but Vegeta jumps over it and kicks Cell. Then he kicks Cell in the stomach, and knocks Cell down into the water. Kuririn can't believe Vegeta's power, and then spots Trunks on the island, saying he's gotten strong too. And then he spots the two Jinzouningen, and figures Cell, Vegeta, and Trunks haven't noticed them. Kuririn looks hard at the controller, remembering what Blooma said about being within ten meters. Then he lands.

Kuririn nervously sneaks towards them, realizing that Cell hasn't reached his perfect form yet. But Seventeen is gone, so he must've been absorbed. Cell climbs outta the water, and Vegeta decides to tell Cell something even more shocking. "That Trunks guy over there... His true strength is nearly up to my level!" Cell looks over at Trunks, and starts to look nervous. But Vegeta is pissed that Cell wasn't so incredible after all, and there's almost no need to kill him. Cell then starts screaming "DAMNIT!!!! If I could only reach my perfect form...!!! Then he'd be nothing." Vegeta looks a bit intrigued, as Kuririn approaches the Jinzouningen.








  1. Incomplete
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