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Chapter 382

完全体 完成!!
Kanzentai Kansei!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1992 #32
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 32
Kanzenban: 26


Cell is transforming, and Vegeta is pleased with this. Trunks thinks he'll stop Cell right now, and tries to attack him as he's transforming, but there's like a barrier up. Trunks gives up, and there's a big explosive flash. The smoke then starts to clear. Up at God's Palace, Piccolo tells Tenshinhan and Blooma that Cell has reached his perfect form. Blooma asks about the controller she made, and Piccolo tells her Kuririn broke it himself. But he blames Vegeta more. In the Room of Spirit and Time, Gohan has turned Super Saiyan, and Gokuu tells him he's done well. Then he loses it and stops to catch his breath, saying it's hard. Gokuu says they'll take a break, and he'll give Gohan a much needed haircut.

Cell's perfect form: basically more smoothed out than last time, and less bulky. His tail is mostly gone, though his roach wing things are more distinct now. He has a much more human face now, and he somewhat reminds me of Captain Planet. Vegeta thinks this is good, while Kuririn is pissed at what he did to Eighteen. Cell is looking himself over, and Kuririn angrily flies over and punches him in the back of the head, then kicks him. But Cell doesn't flinch at all. Cell starts throwing his arms out, testing his own power or something, and then he turns around and kicks Kuririn in the side of the head.








  1. Incomplete
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