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Chapter 392

Ouritsu Boueigun

Weekly Jump Issue: 1992 #43
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 33
Kanzenban: 27


Gokuu, Gohan, and Chichi are having a picnic next to a lake, and Gokuu points out a huge fish in the lake. Gohan asks if it's okay to be this carefree, and Gokuu tells him don't worry, it'll probably all work out. Gohan doesn't like the "probably", but Gokuu assures him they can win, there's no point in training anymore. Chichi tells them their lunch is ready, so they go to eat. Some time passes, and then they're driving down a road. Gokuu says how all the shops are closed, and Chichi says it's because they think they're all going to die in seven days, so they're not working. Then a newsman comes in on the radio, and Gokuu says there's someone working. The newsman says the Royal Army is on its way to 28 KS Point 5 to attack the monster called Cell. Gokuu yells at them to stop, they'll just be killed.

A bunch of tanks and planes and such approach Cell's ring, and the foolish army has arrived. He flies outta the ring, and someone says he's getting away. Cell lands on a random mountain thing, thinking he just doesn't want his ring to get destroyed. Someone yells not to let him get away, and start the offensive. A bunch of tanks and missiles and such are fired at Cell's random mountain thing, and Gokuu's family is listening to the play-by-play on the radio. The leader dude calls for the attacks to stop, they've done enough. But, when the smoke clears, Cell is completely unscathed. The dudes try to retreat, but Cell just waves his hand, and blows up all of them. Cell thinks that was a waste of time, as Gokuu turns off the radio. Gokuu tells Chichi and Gohan to go home, he has business with Piccolo. Then he steps outta the car and teleports away.

When Gokuu arrives at God's Palace, the first thing he asks is if Piccolo has been in the Room of Spirit and Time too (Vegeta must be in there now), since his level has gone way up. Piccolo says yeah, but he doubts he's any match for Cell. Gokuu affirms it, no match for Cell. Piccolo smirks and says he's really blunt, then asks why he came here. Gokuu asks Piccolo if he and Kami-sama can split again now that they've reunited, since he wants to return to life all the people that Cell has killed. Piccolo says no, they've split once and can't do it again. Gokuu had figured not, then says he want to go try to find the planet the surviving Nameckians went to. Surely someone there would be willing to come to Earth. Then they'd have another God, and the Dragon Balls would be restored!








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