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Chapter 394

Seru Geemu Hajimaru

Weekly Jump Issue: 1992 #45
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 33
Kanzenban: 27


Piccolo wonders if Dende can really make Dragon Balls, but Gokuu says the elder Nameckian said he was excellent. Dende thinks he can make Dragon Balls in about one hundred days, and Gokuu can't believe it'll take that long. Dende then realizes he could just restore the Dragon Balls here that've turned to stone, and that'll be right away. Kuririn thinks that's great, and asks if he can make it three wishes like the Nameck dragon. Yes. But Piccolo wonders if it would be able to return to life a bunch of people at once. Dende says with those restrictions, he could make it grant two wishes. Piccolo says that's good, and Dende asks for the model of the dragon, and Mister Popo goes and gets it.

Dende stands over the casing, and shoots off some magic stuff. Then light shoots up from it, and scatters down to the Earth. Dende says the Dragon Balls should be restored now, and Piccolo thinks Dende really does have excellent power. Gokuu says he'll go borrow the Dragon Radar from Blooma and gather them. He says Gohan doesn't need to train anymore, and he can stay here and play with Dende until the Cell Game. Then Gokuu teleports away. Trunks asks Gohan-san if he knows why Gokuu-san is acting so lightly, when he says Cell is stronger and he doesn't know any weak point. Gohan doesn't know either, Father just says to have fun. Kuririn says for Gokuu to say that, there must be some chance of victory.

Gokuu is at Blooma's lab, where she and Dr. Brief are working on Sixteen, and he has the Dragon Radar now. Then he sets off collecting Dragon Balls. And so time passes. Vegeta emerges from the Room of Spirit and Time. Cell is standing in his ring, thinking maybe ten days was too long. And now Gokuu has gathered all seven Dragon Balls. The world is putting all their hope into the world fighting champion, Satan, who says he can stand up to Cell. And then the fated day, M 17th, arrives. Gokuu changes into his dougi and sets off, with Chichi asking him not to die. She also says don't let Gohan-chan fight, but Gokuu kind of ignores her and leaves. At God's Palace, he sees Piccolo, Kuririn, Gohan, Trunks (with long hair again), Dende, and Popo there. Vegeta has already left.

Gokuu asks them why they all look so down. Kuririn says that like before, the Dragon Balls can return lots of people to life in one wish. But also like before, they can only return to life people who've never died before. Dende apologizes, wishing he'd said something sooner. Gokuu tells Dende to not worry, they won't die. Kuririn wonders how Gokuu can say that, but Gokuu says don't worry, let's go. In the ring, Cell is waiting. A reporter and a cameraman are on a cliff overlooking the ring, as Mister Satan's car arrives. Satan raises his fist for the camera, and people watching around the world cheer for him. Satan looks at Cell, then gives him a thumbs down. The reporter, serving as an announcer really, says how Satan has declared victory. Cell wonders who this worm is, while the announcer says there's only fifteen minutes until the Cell Game. He predicts Satan will be in the lead against Cell.








  1. Incomplete
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