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Chapter 397

Seru Tai Son Gokuu!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1992 #48
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 34
Kanzenban: 27


Gokuu steps into the ring, while everyone looks on with interest. Cell puts his arms down at his side (he'd had them crossed), and says this will be very fun, while Gokuu takes his own stance. Trunks thinks they'll finally see why Gokuu-san has been so strangely calm. The announcer tells the world that Mister Satan is taking a break, and during his break, someone of the unknown group will be fighting. Then he asks Satan his thoughts on this unknown competitor, and Satan says he looks like an amateur with that stance. Satan says he could defeat him in two seconds, and he probably won't last five seconds against Cell.

Cell says to come on, and so Gokuu rushes forward. Cell blocks a kick and a punch, then Gokuu ducks a strike from Cell. The two of them exchange a few blows, until Gokuu backflips away. Cell flies forward, head first, but Gokuu puts up his arms to block it. Cell prepares to hit Gokuu, but Gokuu instead kicks Cell up into the air. Gokuu follows him, launching a Kamehameha along the way, but Cell just swats it away. Gokuu then appears behind Cell and punches him in the back, and Cell gets pissed and punches Gokuu in the face, then knocks Gokuu back down into the ring. Gokuu stops himself from landing hard, as Cell lands too. Cell says that's enough warming up, as Satan and the announcer look on with dropped jaws.








  1. Incomplete
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