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Chapter 400

Haiboku ka Shi ka!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1992 #51
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 34
Kanzenban: 27


Cell delivers a hard punch to Gokuu's face, then goes for another, but Gokuu ducks it and kicks Cell into the air. Gokuu teleports up in the air behind Cell, and strikes at him, but it was just an afterimage. The real Cell is behind Gokuu now, and he swats at him, but Gokuu just barely dodges. They float there mid-air, while Satan and the announcer wonder where they went, and Kuririn is amazed at their speed. Cell says he didn't think it would be this fun, and he'd hate for it to end from a ring out. He says he'll remote ring out being a loss from the rules, since they have no need for it. Gokuu screams down at everyone to get away from the ring, as Cell points his hands down at the ring, prepared to destroy it.

BOOM. Big hole in the ground where the ring was. Everyone had made it to safety though, with Sixteen having taken care of Satan and them. He tells them to leave, they're in the way, but they don't listen. Cell and Gokuu both land on the ground, and Cell says now the whole ground will be their ring. And now, victory will be decided by either giving up, or death. Gokuu agrees they should get it on. Cell fires a blast, but Gokuu moves. Cell fires another, and Gokuu moves again. Cell fires a whole bunch, and Gokuu does his best to dodge them all, then he takes to the air.

GOKUU: Ka...me...ha...
CELL: Fuhahahaha!! You won't fire a Kamehameha from there!! If you do, the Earth itself will be in danger!!
GOKUU: me...
CELL: H-hey...!!








  1. Incomplete
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