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Chapter 402

孫悟空 謎の行動
Son Gokuu Nazo no Koudou

Weekly Jump Issue: 1993 #1
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 34
Kanzenban: 27


Cell punches Gokuu, sending him crashing into a random mountain thing. Cell charges after him, as Gokuu bursts out of the rubble and fires a whole bunch of blasts at Cell. Finally, Cell puts up a huge barrier to stop them all, as people around the world watch on TV. An old couple says that looks like Chichi-san's husband. Blooma is watching with Kamesennin at Kame House, and she thinks Gokuu's doing great. Kamesennin doesn't, though. "Gokuu can't win... Not only that, but I can see that he's fighting while knowing this. I don't know what he has planned, but..." The barrier is gone now, and Gokuu is panting really really hard. Cell says Gokuu's strength looks to have gone down, and says he can have a Senzu if he wants. That'll make this an even greater fight.

Trunks yells at Kuririn to do like he says and give Gokuu-san a Senzu, then he'll definitely win. Vegeta yells at Trunks to shut up, saying he has no Saiyan pride. Cacarrot would probably rather die than win like that. Right now, he's not even fighting for the Earth's sake. "It pisses me off to admit it, but with just that special training, I couldn't surpass Cacarrot. That bastard's a genius. But, Cell is one or two steps higher than the present Cacarrot." Trunks asks what they're supposed to do, be quiet and watch? "Are you the one that's always saying, 'He must be planning something.' Have some faith in him." Cell asks Gokuu if he can't eat a Senzu because of his pride, and that Gokuu's chances of winning have gone up a bit.

Gokuu says nothing, then smirks, lands, and the firey stuff around him disappears. "I give up! This is a submission! I know your strength veeeeeeeeeeery well now! So I'll stop." EVERYONE is shocked, and the cameraman relays to Satan and the announcer how he said he was giving up. Cell asks Son Gokuu if he realizes what this means. No one left to fight in the Cell Game means everyone on Earth will die. Gokuu says there's not no one left to fight, but Cell says it's the same difference, Vegeta and Trunks aren't even as strong as Gokuu is. The announcer tells Mister Satan it's his turn again, and Satan freaks out. But, oh no, Satan suddenly gets a stomach cramp. Too bad... Gokuu asks if it's okay for him to pick the next person to fight, and Cell realizes he's serious about giving in. Vegeta wonders what the hell's going on, since there's nobody who can win.








  1. Incomplete
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