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Chapter 413

Kurushimu Son Gohan

Weekly Jump Issue: 1993 #14
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 35
Kanzenban: 28


Gohan screams "FATHERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!" and pounds the ground. The others say nothing, and just look down (except Vegeta). The announcer wonders what happened and why Cell is gone. Kuririn walks over to Gohan and pats him on the back, saying he and Gokuu have ended it now. "It's my fault... I could've killed him back then, like Father said... I got carried away..." Kuririn says the Earth is still safe at least, and helps Gohan to stand up again. Kuririn picks up Eighteen now, who's still unconscious, and tells Gohan that Gokuu looked pleased when he died, he was happy about Gohan's growth. In That World, Gokuu apologizes to Bubbles, and along with Kaiou-sama, the three of them all have halos. They're all flying along next to Snake Road. Kaiou-sama is pissed that Gokuu used HIM, Kaiou, the greatest in the universe (...), just to save one little planet. Gokuu says he's apologized, and that was the only thing he could think of.

Gokuu says Cell's soul isn't here though, and wonders if he didn't go straight to hell. Kaiou-sama thinks about it, and then freaks out. He says everyone who dies has to go to Enma so he can say where their soul will go, meaning Cell must still be alive. Back on Earth, Vegeta asks Kuririn what he's doing with that Jinzouningen, kill it. But Kuririn says he doesn't think she's that bad. Then, suddenly, something appears behind them all, like an explosion. They all recognize that ki, and out of the smoke, a blast comes through that suddenly shoots Trunks through the chest. Then we see Cell's hand, and he asks who he hit, Trunks? The smoke has cleared enough that Cell is completely visible, and he has crackly lightning surrounding him, meaning now he's transformed just like Gohan. Everyone is shocked.

"Within my head is a small mass. That's what makes up my nucleus. As long as that mass isn't destroyed, my body can still regenerate. I was fortunate that when I blew myself up, my nucleus wasn't damaged. Frankly, I didn't think I could regenerate. I was lucky. It made me even happier that even without Eighteen, my body regenerated to my perfect form. But not just my perfect form. I had greatly powered up just like Son Gohan. Perhaps it was my Saiyan cells that greatly raised my power from being saved at the brink of life and death. Additionally, I was able to study Son Gokuu's Shunkan Idou. Or rather, I was able to perfect it and come back here. While Son Gokuu meant to defeat me, he just gave me many presents." The others are speechless, while, Vegeta is pissed about Trunks. Gohan is silent, and he gets serious again.








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