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Chapter 418

Sayounara Senshitachi

Weekly Jump Issue: 1993 #19
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 35
Kanzenban: 28


Shenlong tells them to hurry up, unless they have no more wishes. They try to think of another wish, and Yamcha says how the girl he's been dating has been wanting this expensive necklace. Then Kuririn suddenly asks Shenlong to return Seventeen and Eighteen back into normal humans. Shenlong says he can't, they're both too much stronger than he is. Eighteen is still watching, and she's surprised. Yamcha wonders why he said Seventeen too, he should be dead. Piccolo says they revived everyone killed by Cell with the first wish, so Seventeen is probably alive again now. Then Kuririn tries a different wish, to removed the destructive devices from Seventeen and Eighteen's bodies. Shenlong says he can do that, and then bids farewell. Shenlong disappears, and the Dragon Balls scatter. And the sky turns back to normal.

Trunks asks why he made that wish, and Kuririn says he just felt bad for them, having bombs in their bodies. Eighteen gets a thoughtful look on her face. Kuririn apologizes to Yamcha-san about his girlfriend and the necklace, and Yamcha laughs and says that was just a gag. Tenshinhan asks Kuririn why he asked for Seventeen's bomb too, and Kuririn nervously says that he likes Eighteen, but she probably likes Seventeen, so... Piccolo says he doesn't understand this love stuff. Then Eighteen comes out of hiding and yells that she and Seventeen are twins. And she says she won't thank him for getting rid of the bomb. But then she calms down and just says, "See ya again", and flies away. Yamcha tells Kuririn that there's some hope in "See ya again". Piccolo says he doesn't understand it at all.

Kuririn says he can only be partially happy. He'll miss Gokuu. Tenshinhan then says he'll go home, Chaozu is probably worried. He thinks they'll probably meet again sometime. They all say bye, Gohan says to say hi to Chaozu-san. Tenshinhan tells Trunks to take out the Jinzouningen in his future, and then he flies off. Yamcha says they should go too. Gohan asks Trunks-san when he's going back to the future. Trunks says he'll stay the night, and leave tomorrow. Gohan asks Piccolo-san if he'll live here, and Piccolo says that's the plan. Gohan asks if he can come play sometimes, and Piccolo says of course. Then Gohan says bye to Dende and Popo-san, and he flies off with Trunks, Yamcha, and Kuririn. They all wave to Karin-sama and Yajirobe on the way down, and head their separate directions.

Yamcha and Trunks go the same direction, and Trunks asks about his dad. Yamcha explains that Vegeta got pissed when Trunks was killed and attacked Cell. Trunks is happy to hear that. At the Son house, Chichi cries, and Gohan comforts her. The next day... Everyone (Dr. Brief, Yamcha, Puer, Gohan, Kuririn, Blooma's mom, baby Trunks, Kamesennin) are all dressed up nicely, as Blooma shakes Trunks's hand (his hair is cut again, and he's back in his original outfit). Trunks looks over at Vegeta, standing against a tree, and smiles. Vegeta gives him a two finger salute. Then Trunks leaves in his time machine, and everyone waves goodbye. There's an image of Gokuu with them.








  1. Incomplete
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