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Chapter 421

Satan Shiti no Hai Sukuuru

Weekly Jump Issue: 1993 #23
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 36
Kanzenban: 29


(On the chapter title page, Kamesennin informs us that Dragon Ball will continue for a little longer. This time, in place of Gokuu who has died, the main character will be his diligent son, Son Gohan!) "Thanks to the Son father and son, the Earth has been saved from Cell's evil grasp. The people were able to return to a peaceful existence. However, just as they were growing used to this peace, the amount of fools began to increase. That's how humans are. Many years have passed since the battle with Cell. ... This quiet town is called Satan City. While it's not the truth, Mister Satan, who was believed to have saved the Earth, resides here, and thus the town's name was changed." And then some dudes decide to rob the Satan City Bank. Meanwhile, Gohan is flying along on Kintoun towards Satan City. Gohan is now 16, and he was being home-schooled up until then. But Chichi set it up so that he could commute to the high school in Satan City, starting today.

Gohan decides to land in the city now, saying bye bye to Kintoun, and realizes he took a little too long to get here. He starts to run down the street, and stops when he notices the bank robbery. The robbers are having a shoot out with the cops. So, he sighs, takes off his school bag, and transforms into a Super Saiyan, to hide his identity. Apparently this is not the first time he's done this. He goes over and beats up the bank robbers, catching their bullets and everything. He turns over their truck to keep them from getting away, before running off himself, and leaving the rest to the cops. Then, with black hair again, Gohan picks up his school bag, and a girl with her hair in two ponytails suddenly comes up to him from behind, and wonders who did all that. Gohan says he didn't see. The girl cracks her knuckles, disappointed she was too late, as Gohan sneaks off.

An old dude tells the girl, calling her Videl-sama, that it was the Golden Warrior again. He tells of what a great job the Golden Warrior did, and then says he was wearing the same school badge she's wearing. (A little star badge pinned to her shirt, Gohan had one on his vest.) At Orange Star High School... In class, set up more like a college classroom, Videl asks this dude with long blonde hair, Sharpner, if he's the Golden Warrior, but Sharpner denies it. A blonde girl wonders if the Golden Warrior is stronger than Videl's papa, but a nerdy kid says no way, Videl's papa is the world champion who saved the Earth, Mister Satan. Then the teacher walks into the classroom, and says they have a new student. Gohan comes in and nervously introduces himself, and the blonde girl thinks he's cute, just her type. Videl thinks he looks familiar, and Sharpner laughs that he's probably the obedient bookworm type. The teacher tells him to have a seat, so Gohan looks around, and the blonde girl calls him over to sit by her. She introduces herself as Erasa, and then the girl over here is Videl, and her papa is Mister Satan. Gohan is shocked.








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