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Chapter 423

Nyuu Hiiroo Tanjou!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1993 #25
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 36
Kanzenban: 29


Blooma, with really short hair, confirms that he wants a complete transformation to hide his identity. Gohan asks if she can, and Blooma says of course. She's a genius. She'll make an equippable transformation suit that turns into a capsule, and it'll be about two hours. He thanks her, then asks where Trunks-kun is. Probably in the gravity room with Vegeta. He's at a good age to start training and learning fighting techniques, and he wants to become stronger than Gohan-kun. Gohan bumps into Dr. Brief along the way, chatting about high school a bit. Then he bumps into Trunks, who's all sweaty from working out. Vegeta shows up, saying Gohan looks weak, and he needs to keep practicing even in these peaceful times. Vegeta then walks off, and Trunks wants to go play.

Time passes, and now it's done. It's a watch, and pressing the red switch does it. Gohan has a helmet and cape and stuff, like a superhero. He looks pretty cool, but Trunks doesn't think so... Gohan says thanks, and flies home on Kintoun. Then Gohan realizes that if he travels to school while transformed, he can fly, which is faster than Kintoun. He transforms now, and he really is much faster than Kintoun. He flies over Satan City, and spots a wild car. He lands in the road, right in front of the car. The car screeches to a halt, and the driver yells at Gohan, very pissed. But Gohan says, "I cannot allow such reckless driving!! A person could get run over!! Promise me that from now on, when driving within the city, you'll drive safely!!" The driver and passenger get out, pissed (one has a gun, and the other has a knife), and wondering who the hell this weirdo is. Gohan has to think about that for a minute.

With a silly sentai-style pose, he introduces himself as a lover of justice: Great Saiyaman! The bad guys make fun of him, and Gohan stomps the ground in anger, busting through the pavement. He put a lot of thought into that name, and they apologize, saying it's a cool name. Then they head off, saying they'll practice safe driving. "And so, this was how rumors of the new hero, Great Saiyaman, quickly spread throughout Satan City."








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