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Chapter 431

Yosen Kaishi

Weekly Jump Issue: 1993 #33
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 36
Kanzenban: 29


Gokuu notices that Kuririn isn't bald, as they head towards the preliminaries. Trunks tells Goten he really looks like his dad, and didn't think he looked very strong compared to his own dad. Goten says that Gohan said Father is the strongest in the universe. Then Gokuu notices Eighteen, and Kuririn explains that they live together at Mutenroushi-sama's house, and have a kid, that little girl from before. Gokuu is shocked, and wonders how robots can have kids. "She's not a robot. She's just a human who was modified a bit." Then that interview lady and her cameraman notice the group, and first she tries talking to Vegeta and Piccolo, but they ignore her. She thinks they looked familiar, though. Gokuu, however, explains that he came from That World. His halo is not an accessory, you get it when you die. Piccolo decides to telekinetically destroy the camera.

A Budoukai attendant leads them inside, pointing out the changing room if necessary. Kuririn, Trunks, and Vegeta all go in to change, with Kuririn saying the only people who'll put up a decent fight are their friends. A man thinks Piccolo doesn't look okay, because of his complexion. When everyone is together again, they head out for the preliminaries, and bump into Announcer. Announcer is VERY happy to see Gokuu and Kuririn, and already knows it wasn't really Mister Satan who defeated Cell. He thinks the Budoukai'll be much better with them participating, and tells Piccolo not to destroy the entire arena like last time. Then Announcer asks about the ring above Gokuu's head. "Ah, I'm dead. I died at the battle with Cell. Today I've come back specially from That World." Announcer thinks that's not too weird, for them, and then has to head off.

The preliminaries are starting, and, without the Kids Division, there's 194 people here. But only sixteen can participate. Mister Satan will participate automatically, since he's champion, but they'll now pick the remaining fifteen through use of a punch machine. The fifteen highest scores will pass. Mister Satan will demonstrate the punch machine, saying no one can do better than him (Kuririn smugly says otherwise). Piccolo again telekinetically destroys all the cameras, and says he did it for Gohan's sake. Gohan is very grateful, while everyone else is just confused. Gohan goes off to search for a friend now, as Mister Satan prepares to use the punch machine (disappointed the world won't see).

Satan psyches himself up, and then BAM. His punch gets a score of 137, and then he heads inside, exhausted. The attendants tell everyone to line up at the punch machine, while the kids need to come this way. Gokuu wonders where Tenshinhan and Chaozu are, and Kuririn says something about how they said "we'll probably never meet again". Some people go through the line, and finally it's #84's turn: Eighteen. Kuririn tells her to go lightly and not break the machine. Eighteen nonchalantly punches it, and scores 774. They think the machine is malfunctioning, and Kuririn scolds her as they "fix" it. Her second score is 203. #85, Kuririn, gets 192. #86, Gokuu, gets 186. #87, Piccolo, gets 210. The guy thinks it must be broken, but then Vegeta punches the machine, and blows it up.








  1. Incomplete
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