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Chapter 433

Torankusu Tai Son Goten

Weekly Jump Issue: 1993 #35
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 37
Kanzenban: 29


Some more matches pass, and now it's time for match sixteen. Ikouse-kun, age 14, vs Son Goten-kun, age 7. Apparently the fat lady is also Ikouse's mother, and she yells at him to not be careless like his brother. Chichi yells at Goten-chan to be easy on him. The lady gets pissed that there's another vulgar woman with a "shit brat" for a kid, and Blooma makes fun of her sons. Goten bows before his opponent, as Announcer thinks this Son Goten must be Son Gokuu's son, since they look so much alike. The match begins, and Ikouse has another mullet. Goten effortlessly blocks all of his moves, and tells him to get serious. So, Ikouse tries a bit harder, but Goten still blocks it all effortlessly, then gets bored and knocks him out with a single punch. The mom gets pissed and tries to attack Blooma, but Chichi knocks her out.

Videl says it sounds like Goten-kun won his match, but Gohan isn't too enthused, so she thinks he doesn't care. And so, Goten and Trunks each blaze through the competition, until it comes down to the two of them in the finals. Announcer says not only are they both very strong, but they're friends. An attendant tells Mister Satan there are two very strong kids in the finals, and so Satan decides to watch after all (he hadn't paid attention to any other matches). Kuririn and Gokuu are glad to see a good match finally, as Videl and Gohan join them. Match begins, and Trunks and Goten promise not to go easy on each other. Satan thinks Goten looks very familiar.

The two of them rush at each other, block each other's strikes, and then break. But they fly right back at each other, into the air, and exchange some punches (knocking each other in the face once). Goten hits a couple Trunks afterimages, then Trunks hits a Goten afterimage, and they exchange lots of mid-air blows, until they finally break up and land. The audience is stunned, especially Mister Satan. But Gokuu and Kuririn think they're doing great, and some more of the audience starts to get excited.








  1. Incomplete
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