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Chapter 448

Koketsu ni Irazunba...

Weekly Jump Issue: 1993 #51
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 38
Kanzenban: 30


Darbura first flies up to Kibito, puts his hand to his face, and blasts him, killing him. Darbura then spits at Kuririn and Piccolo, who were unable to react to Kaioushin-sama's warning about his saliva. Kuririn and Piccolo are both turned to stone. Gokuu asks if there's a way to turn them back, and Kaioushin-sama says only if Darbura dies. Gokuu is glad it's such a simple method. Darbura flies back into the ship, and Gokuu and Gohan agree to follow. Kaioushin-sama yells that that's exactly what the enemy wants, but Vegeta says they're no good at waiting, and follows as well. Kaioushin-sama reluctantly goes after them. The four of them enter the door, and fly down a long shaft, until they come to a big round room.

Kaioushin-sama says the only way out of the ship is by defeating Babidi. Vegeta thinks he could just destroy the ship, but Kaioushin-sama protests, a strong shock could wake up Majin Buu. Even without full energy, Majin Buu could kill all of them and destroy the Earth in a short time. Babidi is watching through a crystal ball, and tells Puipui to go take their energy. Puipui enters the room where they're in through a Star Trek-style door (with no discernable way to open from the inside), and says Babidi-sama is on the lowest floor. However, they won't get past him. Gokuu thinks otherwise, though.








  1. Incomplete
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