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Chapter 455

Mitsukerareta Jashin

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #8
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 38
Kanzenban: 31


While Mister Satan was winning the Tenkaichi Budoukai, Gohan has been fighting Darbura... Gohan, as a Super Saiyan, punches at Darbura, but it's blocked. He then kicks Darbura into the distance, but Darbura catches himself, and then blows fire at Gohan. Gohan flies over towards Darbura, but only hits a few Darbura afterimages. The real Darbura is a distance away, and announces himself just before he shoots a big electrified fireball (?) towards Gohan. Direct hit, and Gohan is knocked into some water. (They're fighting in a canyon-y place full of random mountain things, with some water around. I guess the room has been changed.) Gohan throws away his tattered Great Saiyaman clothes, until he's left with nothing but the spandex, gloves, and boots.

Gokuu says this guy's stronger than he thought. Vegeta thinks this is no one they can't beat, though, and thinks Gohan was stronger when he was a brat. Gokuu agrees that he's really been slacking. Vegeta is getting irritated watching this. Gohan flies towards Darbura again, and so Darbura spits at him. Gohan puts his hand up just in time, so it hits his glove, and he quickly tosses the glove away. Darbura then flies towards Gohan, and magically creates a big sword. He swings the sword down towards Gohan, but Gohan catches it, and snaps the blade in half. Babidi wonders what Darbura's doing, he needs to inflict more damage.

Vegeta is really pissed, and says he's gonna end this. Gokuu tells him Gohan isn't really losing, but Vegeta says he doesn't care about this game. Vegeta wants to hurry up and end this so he can fight him, that's why he went to that stupid Budoukai. Darbura smirks, as Gohan wonders why he isn't fighting. Darbura telepathically(?) tells Babidi-sama to return them to the ship, he's discovered something great that will revive Majin Buu. Babidi goes along with it. Papparapa!!! They're back in the room, and Darbura heads through the Star Trek door. He tells Gohan he's not running away, he's just found another fighter. Babidi thinks this better be a great discovery. "One of them holds a strong evil heart... With an evil heart of that caliber, we could draw him over to our side..." Babidi likes the idea of them fighting each other to fully gather energy, and thinks Majin Buu will finally be revived.








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