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Chapter 477

孫悟空 帰る
Son Gokuu Kaeru

Weekly Jump Issue: 1994 #31
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 40
Kanzenban: 32


Gokuu says they'll have to practice making their ki identical later, and Piccolo asks Gokuu if he's alright. Gokuu insists he's okay, while Piccolo contemplates how much energy Super Saiyan 3 uses in the lower world. Gokuu says for now, they'll master Fusion. Once they have their ki identical, they have to both do the Fusion Pose exactly the same. He'll teach them the pose now, so pay close attention. First, stand a distance away from each other. Then, throw your arms to the side like this, keeping them straight. "Fu..." Next, throw your arms to the opposite side and approach each other by making three steps like this (knees bent outward). "sion..." Then, throw your arms out to the other side again, making hands into fists, and kicking your outer leg up with the knee bent. "Ha!!!" Throw your hands over your head, and make sure your fingers are pointing like this. Inner leg must be bent, and outer leg must be straight.

Everyone is speechless, except for Trunks, who thinks that's really lame. Gokuu says they'll have to both do it with "left and right symmetry", but the boys don't know what that means. So, Gokuu wants Piccolo to try it with him. Piccolo is quite reluctant... Gokuu says they'll have to move in reverse, like a mirror's reflection. So, Gokuu and Piccolo mirror each other's movements, moving towards each other and ending up with their fingers touching. Now it's the boys' turn. Piccolo says even if Vegeta were alive, he never would have done this, and Gokuu asks why.

Buu is flying along, and he yawns, saying he's getting sleepy. So, he lands in a village and decides to make a house so he can nap. But, it's too noisy (people screaming), so he'll make it quiet. Buu gathers all the living things, and makes them all into clay. Next, he "cleans" up, by destroying the landscape and making it all empty. Buu takes his big mound of clay, and molds it into a very weird house, shaped like a beehive or something. He climbs inside through a hole, either a door or a window, and shows us around. This is where he eats his food (sitting at a table). This is his bath tub (taking a bath!). This is the toilet (sitting on it). This is where he brushes his teeth (at the sink brushing). And this is the bed (sleeping). Buu wakes up and says, "Mmmmm, I guess I've slept for about five seconds. Now then, I'll go kill, kill!"

Gokuu and Piccolo are training the boys, nitpicking at their movements, and Kuririn, one of the spectators, wonders about the dance training. Baba arrives, saying it's time to go back now. Gokuu tells Piccolo it's all up to him now, but the boys should have Fusion mastered tomorrow. Everyone gathers 'round for goodbyes, and Gokuu tells Chichi not to feel bad, she still has Goten. Chichi thinks he might be killed by Majin Buu, but Gokuu insists he won't if he masters this technique. Gokuu says he'll try to give his regards Gohan in That World, and Videl then says she thinks Gohan's alive, somehow. Kuririn doubts it, since they don't feel his ki, but Gokuu thinks it's likely. Baba says it's time to go, but Goten seems to want something. Chichi realizes he wants a hug from Daddy, but Goten just puts his head down. Gokuu then picks him up and hugs him (very sweet scene ^_^), and tells Goten to look out for Mommy. Then Gokuu says, "Later, guys!! Let's meet up again when you're dead!!" Gokuu poofs away, and Kuririn smiles and thinks of what a jerk he is.








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