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ドラゴンボール 第6話
Dragon Ball 6

The Midnight Visitors

Episode Title Screen Episode Still Image
放送日 Original Air Date: 1986/04/02
脚本 Teleplay: 平野靖士 Yasushi Hirano
演出 Episode Director: 竹之内和久 Kazuhisa Takenouchi
作画監督 Animation Director: 内山まさゆき Masayuki Uchiyama
美術 Background Art: 池田祐二 Yuuji Ikeda


As the sun sets, Yamcha contemplates a plan to rob Gokuu's group that he'll carry out once night falls. Meanwhile, Gokuu, Blooma, and Oolong rest inside a motor home that had been in Oolong's hidden capsule, where Gokuu finally gets to eat. Blooma asks Oolong to show her the bathroom, where she complains about the small size of it. She then warns Oolong not to peep while she showers. Oolong thinks to himself that he won't have to do anything as petty as peeping. Later, after night has fallen, Shuu and Mai hop through the desert in mecha. They contact Pilaf to inform him that they've found "them," and then leave their mecha to head towards the motor home. Shuu attempts to plant a timed bomb on the motor home, but it becomes stuck to his hand. Before they can solve their problem, they hear someone else approaching and quickly run away to hide. The new approachers are Yamcha and Puer, who note that the capsule was a motor home. Yamcha then explains that Puer will lead the girl away, and the rest will be simple from there.

Back in the motor home, Oolong thinks they're sure to be attacked again, but Gokuu says he won't lose now that his stomach is filled. Oolong then wants to know why they're going to Mount Frypan, so Gokuu begins to tell him about the Dragon Balls. Blooma is enjoying her shower as Yamcha hears her voice from just outside the bathroom window. Puer hopes the other two are sleeping, while Yamcha decides to take a look inside. The sight of showering Blooma is more than he can handle, but he snaps out of his shock when he hears the boys' voices from the next window. He and Puer then sneak over to that window to listen, where Gokuu and Oolong are still discussing the Dragon Balls' abilities. Yamcha and Puer overhear enough to decide to steal the Dragon Balls. Yamcha wants to use them to overcome his fear of women. Puer suggests world domination or wealth, but Yamcha has no need for such things, and he really wants to get married.

Inside, Oolong isn't very interested in the Dragon Balls; he is only interested in women, so Gokuu suggests that he could ask the dragon for one. Gokuu then begins telling Oolong about the anatomical "problems" women have, until Blooma suddenly bonks him on the head. Wrapped in a towel, she asks Oolong for some pajamas. But he only has his own, which are too small for her, so she'll have to sleep naked. Oolong then offers Blooma and Gokuu some juice, chuckling as they drink it. Gokuu doesn't like the taste, but Oolong insists it will make him stronger. Blooma then heads upstairs to go to bed, telling the boys to sleep downstairs, and warning Oolong about "Pee-Pee!" if he tries anything funny. She also orders Oolong to have her clothes washed by tomorrow. Gokuu soon passes out in his seat, which Oolong notes is because the sleeping medicine he put into the juice is working well. Now he can feel up that girl while she sleeps.

The bomb is on the verge of exploding, but Shuu manages to change the timer to keep it from going off until 8:00 AM. Oolong, meanwhile, confirms that Gokuu is asleep and decides to head upstairs. Outside, Puer explains that the coast is clear, so Yamcha tells him to turn into a key. As Yamcha uses him to unlock the door, Oolong begins removing Blooma's blanket. Yamcha rushes inside ready to attack, but sees only an unconscious Gokuu. Assuming Oolong to be upstairs, Puer changes into Gokuu in order to lure the girl and pig outside. Oolong hears noises below, and soon sees 'Gokuu' coming up the stairs. In a panic, Oolong transforms into Blooma and hides the real Blooma completely under her blanket. 'Blooma' greets 'Gokuu' and explains that Oolong went for a walk. 'Gokuu' then convinces 'Blooma' to go outside as well. Yamcha notices them leave and heads upstairs, assuming the Dragon Balls are there. He sees the lumpy blanket and assumes the Dragon Balls are beneath it. A distance away from the motor home, 'Gokuu' changes back into Puer, apologizing for the deception. But 'Blooma' changes back into Oolong as well. Yamcha pulls away the covers and screams as Puer realizes what this means and rushes away. He finds Yamcha wide-eyed and in a daze, mumbling about breasts. Puer leads him away, saying they should call it a day.

The next morning, Oolong patiently sits in the driver's seat of the motor home, now holding a rifle. Gokuu soon wakes up, followed by Blooma, who yells at Oolong for not washing her clothes. Oolong explains that he was busy, because Yamcha and Puer had tried to attack again last night. This makes Blooma start daydreaming about the cool man. Oolong then says he does have one outfit upstairs that she can wear. Gokuu is surprised to have not noticed the attack, which makes Oolong quietly regret having drugged the boy. Outside, Shuu successfully attaches the bomb to the motor home this time, while Mai explains to Pilaf that they have not obtained the Dragon Balls just yet. But they'll have them at 8:00, which is now one hour away.

After Gokuu begins to chow down a month's worth of food, Blooma returns, very displeased with the bunny girl costume she found. Later, Oolong must drive them toward Mount Frypan, since Blooma has to do her make-up. They soon notice that Yamcha is following in a car of his own. Puer drives and Yamcha fires off a missile at the motor home, just as Blooma gets excited about seeing him again. The motor home crashes and loses a tire, causing Blooma to be knocked unconscious. Yamcha now demands they quietly hand over the Dragon Balls, but Gokuu sticks out his tongue in defiance. Yamcha hands Puer his weapon and decides to fight with his fists by using Wolf Fang Wind Wind Fist again. Gokuu yells out that he was hungry yesterday, but not today, and the two exchange a few punches. Gokuu soon gets in a kick to the face, harsh enough to knock out one of Yamcha's teeth. Yamcha looks into a mirror and flees with Puer after he sees the damage to his face. Oolong is very impressed with Gokuu, but this doesn't change the fact that Yamcha destroyed their last vehicle.

Some distance away, Yamcha decides it would be easier to let those three find all of the Dragon Balls first, and then they'll steal all seven from them at once. At the motor home, Shuu and Mai inspect the wreckage, assuming their bomb to be the cause even though it's not 8:00 yet. Meanwhile, Gokuu carries the unconscious Blooma on his shoulders. while Oolong volunteers to take her off his hands. But Yamcha and Puer suddenly pull up in their car. They smile, apologize, and give them a capsule with a small car in it. They then say a friendly farewell as they drive away again. Oolong is a bit suspicious of this, but Gokuu thinks nothing of it. Oolong's suspicions are not unfounded, however, since Yamcha and Puer have a homing device on the car, which they'll use to follow the group. He and Puer then hear an explosion. The bomb has finally gone off, having caught a confused Shuu and Mai in its blast. Gokuu's group then continues on toward Mount Frypan.


This episode includes all the events of Chapter 9 and Chapter 10. Both of these chapters were first printed approximately 14 months before this episode first aired. Anime-original scenes make up the remainder of the episode, during which Shuu and Mai attempt to steal the Dragon Balls by placing a bomb on Oolong's motor home.



The events of this episode take place entirely in a desert, including scenes at Yamcha's hideout and Oolong's motor home, both of which are in this desert.

This episode takes place during Age 749, some hours after the events of the previous episode.


Home Video

This episode was first released on DVD in the limited edition Dragon Ball Dragon Box on July 7th, 2004. It was again released in single disc format on April 4th, 2007 as part of Dragon Ball #1.


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