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ドラゴンボール 第12話
Dragon Ball 12

A Wish to Shen Long

Episode Title Screen Episode Still Image
放送日 Original Air Date: 1986/05/14
脚本 Teleplay: 井上敏樹 Toshiki Inoue
演出 Episode Director: 上田芳裕 Yoshihiro Ueda
絵コンテ Storyboards: 有迫俊彦 Toshihiko Arisako
作画監督 Animation Director: 海老沢幸男 Yukio Ebisawa
美術 Background Art: 池田祐二 Yuuji Ikeda


Puer and Oolong fly toward Pilaf as he begins to summon Shen Long. The Dragon Balls start to glow, and a large dragon slowly emerges from them. Yamcha and Blooma cheer them on from their cell, while Gokuu cannot see anything. Puer and Oolong worry that it may be too late as Shen Long continues to rise. Pilaf believes that his time has finally come, imagining what things will be like when he rules the world. Shen Long then angrily asks Pilaf for his wish. Yamcha curses the situation, and Blooma cries about having gone through all this trouble for nothing. Gokuu attempts to use a Kamehameha Wave on the wall again so that he can escape and meet the dragon, and he eventually succeeds. Pilaf is taking his time, and Oolong decides to use this opportunity to interfere. As Pilaf begins to state his wish, Oolong runs in and asks for a gal's panties. Everyone watches in awe as a pair of panties falls from the sky. Shen Long then bids farewell and disappears, and the Dragon Balls disperse in seven different directions.

Yamcha and Blooma are happy about Oolong saving the day, but Gokuu is worried about all the Dragon Balls having scattered like that. Blooma tells him that that's what happens after a wish is granted, unfortunately. Pilaf is angry, and orders Shuu and Mai to capture the pig. He then notices the others have escaped as well, so he orders them all captured so that all five of them can be executed. Mai fires a gun at the three humanoids, so Yamcha and Blooma run away, but Gokuu is too weak to follow because of the Kamehameha Wave and his hunger. Yamcha grabs him and darts off where Mai can no longer reach, so Shuu summons his dog squad to go after them.

Oolong and Puer meet the dogs first on the outside, while the three humanoids soon meet them on the inside. Gokuu becomes more alert and is able to fight when he imagines the dogs as food, while Yamcha uses Wolf Fang Wind Wind Fist to attack them. They then decide to try heading back outside. Blooma is cornered by some of the dogs on the way, but Gokuu and Yamcha easily rescue her. Meanwhile, Oolong and Puer accidentally fall back into the castle through a window, so they decide to try turning into birds to head back outside as well. Gokuu uses his Compliance Staff to try to reach a window, but he is unsuccessful, and the staff soon tips over with the three of them attached to it. They land square on Oolong and Puer as birds, and the five of them are quickly surrounded by dogs. Yamcha is the only one able to fight the dogs now, and he must give up when Shuu and Mai apprehend the others.

The five of them are now trapped in a room with an ultra-reinforced glass ceiling and steel walls. But Gokuu mistakes the glass for no ceiling at all, and futilely attempts to jump through it. Yamcha wants to get out of here so that they can go gather the Dragon Balls again. But Blooma explains that it's impossible, because after a wish is granted, you can't have another one for one year, and the Dragon Balls turn to stone during that interval. Yamcha is concerned about being weak around women for another year. Pilaf then speaks to them through a speaker system and declares that they'll all be executed: the midday sun will turn that room into a toaster oven, painfully killing them. Blooma starts whining about her skin, since she doesn't have any suntan oil. Oolong cries about becoming roast pork, Yamcha is worried about his dream of marriage, Puer wants to pee, and Gokuu is hungry.

Pilaf laughs gleefully as Yamcha and Gokuu unsuccessfully attempt to break out of their cell. The walls are 300 mm thick steel, and the ceiling is ultra-reinforced glass. Later, Pilaf finishes building a house of cards and decides to go to bed. He thinks of how hot tomorrow's sun will be (hotter than his coffee, which he spills onto the card house), and says he looks forward to tomorrow afternoon. Back in the prison cell, Blooma yells at Oolong for saying they'll die. Puer watches the full moon, prompting Gokuu to suddenly say that a monster comes out during the full moon. Blooma suggests coming up with a way to escape instead of telling werewolf stories, but Gokuu explains that his grandpa was killed by this monster. Yamcha thinks it must have been an incredible monster to have killed SON Gohan. Oolong asks what it looks like, but Gokuu says he was sleeping at the time, so he didn't see it. Oolong wonders how he could possibly sleep through such a thing, so Gokuu further explains that Grandpa told him to never look at the full moon.

The others cower in a corner across the room, where Blooma nervously asks Gokuu if he looked at the full moon the night his grandfather died. He says yes, because he had to go outside to pee. Yamcha says Gokuu never seemed like a normal little boy, and Blooma agrees, but thinks it must be a coincidence. Oolong thinks they should test it, but Blooma notes that on the off-chance that it's true, they would all be in danger. So, Blooma points at the moon and tells Gokuu not to look at it, which has the opposite effect and actually makes him look at it. At first, it seems like nothing has happened, relieving everyone's worries. But Gokuu then gets a strange look on his face, and begins transforming into a giant monkey. He smashes through the castle around him, waking up Pilaf, Shuu, and Mai.


This episode includes all the events of Chapter 20 and Chapter 21. These chapters were first printed approximately 12 months before this episode first aired. Anime-original material makes up the remainder of the episode, including a lengthy scene that depicts the re-capturing of Gokuu's group.


Shen Long debuted in the previous episode, but he did not have any speaking lines until this one. Shuu's dog squad also appears in this episode, but they do not speak.


The events of this episode take place in and around Pilaf's castle.

This episode takes place during Age 749, immediately after the events of the previous episode.


Home Video

This episode was first released on DVD in the limited edition Dragon Ball Dragon Box on July 7th, 2004. It was again released in single disc format on April 4th, 2007 as part of Dragon Ball #2.


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