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ドラゴンボール 第16話
Dragon Ball 16

Training: Searching for a Stone

Episode Title Screen Episode Still Image
放送日 Original Air Date: 1986/06/11
脚本 Teleplay: 平野靖士 Yasushi Hirano
演出 Episode Director: 西尾大介 Daisuke Nishio
作画監督 Animation Director: 内山まさゆき Masayuki Uchiyama
美術 Background Art: 伊藤岩光 Iwamitsu Itou


The group is going to move to a bigger island for training, so the Turtle Hermit puts Kame House into a capsule. He then uses a small boat to take Lunch and the boys to the island, asking Lunch to not sneeze along the way. The details of her transformation problem are then recounted. When they arrive at the island, the Turtle Hermit says they'll do some light training until dinner. He wonders where Gokuu has gone, so Lunch explains that he went to check out the island from the air. When he returns, Gokuu notes that there are other houses on this island, which the Turtle Hermit says is because there are 300 people living here. Gokuu's excited about finally starting, while Lunch wonders what she should do. The Turtle Hermit tells her to do as she likes, so she decides to prepare dinner. Then, it suddenly looks as though she's about to sneeze, so the boys freak out and run behind a rock... but it turns out she was merely yawning. Lunch wishes them well as she goes to make dinner.

Before they start things, the Turtle Hermit asks Kuririn if he knows anything of martial arts. Kuririn says yes; he spent eight years at Oorin Temple. The Turtle Hermit now wants to see their strength, and says that from this rock to that tree over there is 100 meters. He wants to know how many seconds it will take the boys to run that distance. Kuririn decides he'll run it first, and he clocks in at 10.4 seconds. Kuririn claims that his best is 10.1, and then Gokuu goes. Gokuu clocks in at 11 seconds, and asks if he can change shoes and run again. Kuririn thinks he's making excuses, but Gokuu shows that his shoes are all broken, with his toes sticking out. With new shoes, Gokuu goes again, and clocks in at 8.5 seconds this time.

The Turtle Hermit says they'll need to overcome the human barrier to become perfect martial artists, and then takes the turtle shell off his back. He asks Kuririn to time him so that he can do the run himself. Shocked, Kuririn says it was 5.6 seconds. The Turtle Hermit puts his turtle shell back on and says that the boys could probably cut 5 seconds with training. Then he asks Gokuu to get him a beer, but Gokuu doesn't know what that is, so Kuririn goes. Meanwhile, the Turtle Hermit tells Gokuu he'll also need intelligence in martial arts. Lunch sneezes while Kuririn is retrieving the beer, so the evil Lunch begins chasing the little guy outside with a large knife. While hiding behind a rock, the Turtle Hermit tells Gokuu that Kuririn is now very close to reaching the human barrier. Lunch then sneezes again and reverts to her nicer form, while Kuririn quivers in fear over the large knife she nearly sliced him in half with.

The sun is on the verge of setting as the Turtle Hermit explains that the boys will have a test before dinner, and the serious training begins tomorrow. He picks up a stone, draws the kame ("turtle") character on it with a pen, and tells the boys to take a good look at it. The Turtle Hermit then throws it over the edge of a nearby cliff, down into a jungle below. Kuririn wonders if this is a stone throwing test, but the Turtle Hermit says that it's instead a test of stone searching. The one who finds that stone first is the winner, while the loser will go without dinner. And they have to hurry, because neither of them will get dinner if they don't find it within 30 minutes. Gokuu and Kuririn quickly dash away.

Gokuu and Kuririn stand over the edge of the cliff. Kuririn worries about how to get down there, while Gokuu nonchalantly dives off towards the jungle below, as he had often done at home. He latches onto a tree branch, but it snaps and he falls to the ground. But Gokuu quickly darts off again, yelling about dinner. Kuririn wonders if Gokuu is even human. He thinks this task is nearly impossible, but suddenly has another idea.

Kuririn picks up a stone and goes to a nearby house to ask for a pen. He draws the kame character on it, and then happily runs off. Meanwhile, Gokuu sniffs around the jungle looking for the old man's scent. At Kame House, Lunch prepares dinner as the Turtle hermit peeks at her read end from a distance. He then attempts to get a feel, but is interrupted when Kuririn suddenly returns. Pretending to be exhausted, Kuririn shows the Turtle Hermit his stone. The Turtle Hermit looks it over, and then throws it back at Kuririn, scolding that it's not his handwriting.

The day grows even later as Kuririn begins frantically searching the jungle. A saber-toothed tiger suddenly attempts to attack him, but Kuririn just barely dodges, and quickly knocks the tiger out. He then hides behind a tree as a dinosaur walks by. Gokuu excitedly yells out that he's found it, so Kuririn rushes over to him. He asks to see the stone, to check for legitimacy. When Gokuu hands it over, Kuririn darts off with it. Gokuu angrily chases after him. They soon run across a rope bridge, where Kuririn cuts the ropes off when he reaches the other side, causing Gokuu to fall to the ground below.

Even so, Gokuu manages to gain on Kuririn anyway, so Kuririn stops and suggests they fight for it. They have a scuffle, and when the smoke clears, Kuririn has clearly lost. Kuririn says he will concede, but he instead tosses the stone off into the distance, so Gokuu dashes off to find it. However, Kuririn had thrown a fake, for he still has the real one. Back at the house, the Turtle Hermit watches television as he plans to try grabbing Lunch's rear again. But once again, Kuririn returns before he can succeed. So, the Turtle Hermit, Lunch, and Kuririn all enjoy some nice fish as Gokuu miserably watches them. But this fish was actually fugu, so everyone but Gokuu falls ill, causing a halt in the training.


This episode includes all the events of Chapter 28 and Chapter 29. These chapters were first printed approximately 12 months before this episode first aired. Anime-original material includes short scenes of the Turtle Hermit unsuccessfully attempting to grope Lunch.


Mr. Yanami goes back to being credited as "Narrator" instead of "Narration" in this episode. There is also a saber-toothed tiger that Kuririn battles.


The events of this episode take place at the island surrounding Kame House, along with its surrounding ocean, and another, larger island where Kame House is temporarily relocated. Locations shown on the larger island include Kame House itself, a jungle, a woman's house, and the fields and wilderness between all of them.

This episode takes place during Age 749, shortly after the events of the previous episode. A time skip to the next morning then occurs at the very end of the episode.


Home Video

This episode was first released on DVD in the limited edition Dragon Ball Dragon Box on July 7th, 2004. It was again released in single disc format on April 4th, 2007 as part of Dragon Ball #3.


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