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ドラゴンボール 第15話
Dragon Ball 15

The Strange Girl, Lunch

Episode Title Screen Episode Still Image
放送日 Original Air Date: 1986/06/04
脚本 Teleplay: 井上敏樹 Toshiki Inoue
演出 Episode Director: 岡崎 稔 Minoru Okazaki
作画監督 Animation Director: 前田 実 Minoru Maeda
美術 Background Art: 池田祐二 Yuuji Ikeda
山元健生 Takeo Yamamoto


Kuririn is struggling to hold onto Gokuu's back as they fly around on the Somersault Cloud. Gokuu spots a farmer and asks if they would suffice, but Kuririn yells that it's clearly a man. Gokuu is impressed that Kuririn can tell the difference between men and women just by looking, explaining that he must touch their crotch to distinguish them. Kuririn then assures Gokuu that he is male.

Elsewhere, in a desert saloon, one tall man stares at a wanted poster for a blonde woman named Lunch, who is worth 2,000,000. The man asks some smaller men if Lunch is really coming here, and the smaller men insist she will. A woman suddenly enters the saloon, but she has dark blue hair and an innocent face, so the tall man concludes that she isn't Lunch. He buys this woman a drink because she reminds him of a past love. As she begins to sip her drink, a strong wind blows into the saloon and causes her hair to tickle her nose. She sneezes, and now she really is the blonde Lunch from the wanted poster. She begins attacking the men near her, so the bartender pulls out a shotgun. But she counters with a machine gun, destroying much of the saloon.

As Kuririn relieves himself in a patch of grass, Gokuu walks over to him and attempts to peek, but Kuririn shoos him away. They then return to the air on the Somersault Cloud. Meanwhile, in a canyon, Lunch uses a missile launcher to derail a train, and then proceeds to quickly rob it. A man inside the train calls the police, specifically naming Lunch as the culprit. Gokuu and Kuririn seem to be approaching this same canyon area, with Gokuu futilely attempting to understand the Turtle Hermit's tastes.

Lunch, on a bike now, is being chased through the canyon by some policemen, who are shooting at her and yelling to stop. She throws a grenade back at one car, blowing it up, but the second car keeps chasing. Lunch goes up the side of the canyon on her bike, then comes down the other side into another canyon area. The police car continues chasing her by instead going around the rocky wall. Lunch then pulls out a large gun, and prepares to fire it back at them until some hair tickles her nose and she sneezes. She falls off of her bike, and her hair has now reverted to the darker color again.

Gokuu and Kuririn have now reached the area. The police prepare to apprehend Lunch, but she has no idea what's going on. Lunch then cries for help, which is heard by Gokuu and Kuririn. Kuririn notes that it's a girl being attacked, and doubts they could stand up to men with guns, but Gokuu dives down into the canyon anyway. Gokuu tells the police that he's here to help the girl, while Kuririn hides, wanting nothing to do with the situation. One of the policemen tells Gokuu he'll be arrested if he interferes, but Gokuu smacks the gun out of his hand and kicks him, knocking him out. Gokuu then leaps over and headbutts the other cop in the face, knocking him out as well. Lunch thanks him, and wants to know how she can repay him. Gokuu asks Kuririn if the old man will like her, and the three of them then fly off on the Somersault Cloud, with Lunch wondering where they're going.

Gokuu explains to Lunch that they're going to the Turtle Hermit's house. They arrive, and Gokuu stands at the door and screams that they've brought a pichipichi gal, but he receives no response. Kuririn suggests that he might be using the restroom, so Gokuu decides to go tell him to hurry up. Lunch asks Kuririn why she's here. Kuririn explains that they'd just like her to hang out here for a while. Lunch says that would help her as well, since she's being pursued. Kuririn asks her why those police-looking men where chasing her, but she says they were real police.

Gokuu shouts through the bathroom door that they've brought a girl, so the Turtle Hermit angrily steps out to scold Gokuu for yelling like that. Back outside, Kuririn asks Lunch why the police would be chasing her, so she looks at her large bag of money and wonders if she robbed a bank again. The Turtle Hermit goes to the window, and looks out at her as she wonders if it was maybe a train robbery. Kuririn thinks she must be a rich girl who is joking around. The Turtle Hermit stares her down as she begins to tell Kuririn that they should be careful, because when she sneezes, her personality...

The Turtle Hermit excitedly yells through the window, interrupting Lunch, and then commends Gokuu and Kuririn for a job well done. Kuririn comes inside, where the Turtle Hermit officially accepts them as his students. The three of them then go back outside, where the Turtle Hermit formally greets her. She says her name is Lunch, and explains that the boys helped her. The Turtle Hermit introduces himself as well, and explains that he's going to teach the boys martial arts. He then asks if Lunch wouldn't like to take a bath...err, live here for a while, and she agrees, so long as she doesn't get in their way. The Turtle Hermit does a happy dance.

The Turtle Hermit then asks Lunch if she would also like to learn martial arts from him, but she doubts she could. He tells her she wouldn't have to be completely serious, explaining the health benefits involved. Kuririn then hypes up the old man's reputation to further convince her, which the Turtle Hermit praises him for. The Turtle Hermit then gives Lunch the uniform and asks her to change. She starts to undress right there, until Kuririn reminds her that she can change inside. The Turtle Hermit asks Kuririn if he wants to go back to his homeland. He then instructs the boys to put on their uniforms as well.

Lunch comes out of the house wearing lingerie, noting that this looks like underwear. The Turtle Hermit insists that it's the Turtle Hermit School's dougi, since he and the boys are wearing it as well. Now he wants to start training, but a horsefly suddenly flies in front of him. It then flies under Lunch's nose, tickling it, and she yells for them to run away just before she sneezes. Lunch turns into the angry blonde girl again, and wonders where she is. She then pulls out a machine gun and starts firing at the boys, until she sneezes again. Now she has turned back into the good Lunch again, and apologizes to the bullet-filled boys, explaining that she changes personalities every time she sneezes. She hopes she didn't do anything bad, but the Turtle Hermit says it was nothing.


This episode includes all the events of Chapter 26 and Chapter 27. These chapters were first printed approximately 12 months before this episode first aired. Anime-original material includes scenes of Lunch visiting a saloon and robbing a train, as well as additional scenes with Gokuu and Kuririn.


There are numerous other minor human characters, most of whom who do not speak. There are also some uncredited speakers, such as a bartender and a man inside a train.


Much of the events of this episode take place in a rocky, canyon-filled area. There are also scenes in an indistinct rural area nearby, as well as a lengthy scene at a saloon in the middle of a nearby desert. The rest of the episode then takes place entirely at Kame House, along with its island and surrounding ocean.

This episode takes place during Age 749, shortly after the events of the previous episode.


Home Video

This episode was first released on DVD in the limited edition Dragon Ball Dragon Box on July 7th, 2004. It was again released in single disc format on April 4th, 2007 as part of Dragon Ball #3.


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