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ドラゴンボール 第22話
Dragon Ball 22

Yamcha vs Jackie Chun

Episode Title Screen Episode Still Image
放送日 Original Air Date: 1986/07/23
脚本 Teleplay: 小山高男 Takao Koyama
演出 Episode Director: 岡崎 稔 Minoru Okazaki
作画監督 Animation Director: 前田 実 Minoru Maeda
美術 Background Art: 池田祐二 Yuuji Ikeda


Gokuu congratulates Kuririn out in the ring while an official notes the victory on the competitor chart. The boys look in the audience for the Turtle Hermit, but he isn't there. Blooma and Puer tell them he disappeared before the match started. Kuririn wonders about him missing their matches, but Gokuu smells the old man somewhere. Meanwhile, Jackie playfully approaches Lanfan to ask her name and introduce himself. He next asks who her opponent is, so she points to Namu. Jackie tells Namu he is jealous of him for getting to face her, but Namu remains solemn and silent. Namu is busy recalling his poor village which is suffering from a drought. He thus intends to use the prize money from the World's Best Martial Arts Fest to buy water for his village. Jackie notes his determination.

Now the second match will start, so the announcer tells Gokuu and Kuririn to head back to the waiting room. He then calls out Jackie Chun and Yamcha. Yamcha heads out first, and Gokuu wishes him well. Jackie quickly follows, complimenting Kuririn's kick on the way. In the waiting room, Namu quietly meditates as Giran stuff his face with large hunks of meat. Gokuu and Kuririn then enter, and Gokuu soon joins Giran in scarfing down the hunks of meat. Namu then recalls preparing to leave his village, but his quiet thoughts are interrupted when his stomach growls. Gokuu picks up the plate of meat and attempts to offer some to Namu, but Giran angrily whacks Gokuu with his giant tail. Gokuu and Giran begin to argue, and Namu attempts to calm them down, but this only makes Giran angrier.

Their spat is interrupted when the announcer introduces Yamcha to the crowd. Oolong and Puer cheer for him, while Blooma wonders what "Jackie Chun-sama" is like. Oolong brings up her boyfriend, but she says this is fine. However, when she sees that Jackie is an old man, she instead cheers for Yamcha. Yamcha wonders about this old man he's never heard of, and then the announcer calls for the match to begin. Yamcha continues wondering about Jackie, who isn't moving at all. He remembers that the old man went through the preliminaries very quickly. Then Yamcha flies at him with a punch, but misses. He kicks, then swings at him, but Jackie dodges all of his attacks. Jackie tells Yamcha he's making wasteful movements, which angers Yamcha into throwing many more unsuccessful punches. Gokuu yells for Kuririn to come watch this awesome old man.

Yamcha intends to up the stakes with Wolf Fang Wind Wind Fist now. Kuririn asks Gokuu if this Yamcha person really is strong, so Gokuu explains that he's very fast and strong. Oolong is concerned for Yamcha, but Puer insists he'll be fine. Yamcha then uses Wolf Fang Wind Wind Fist, but Jackie manages to see through it and jump out of the way. Everyone is amazed. Jackie then backflips over to Yamcha and decides to give him some refreshing wind as a present. He swipes his arm, and the gust of wind from it knocks Yamcha out of the ring. This makes a ringout, so Jackie Chun has won. The announcer goes on about Jackie's strength as Yamcha stares at the old man in shock. Gokuu can't believe Yamcha lost, while Kuririn is especially concerned, since he has to fight the old man in the next round.

Kuririn is worried about fighting that expert in the fifth match, while Gokuu is impressed with the old man for being able to beat Yamcha. Yamcha compliments Jackie as they walk back to the waiting area, and Jackie likewise tells Yamcha he's still young and will only get stronger. Yamcha wonders about him, but is interrupted when Contestant Namu and Contestant Lanfan are called out to the ring. Jackie happily turns his attention to Lanfan again, while Yamcha asks Gokuu where the Almighty Fighting Master is. The boys explain that he disappeared before Kuririn's match. Yamcha then grows suspicious as he watches Jackie ogle Lanfan. But Jackie soon turns to Namu, thinking he looks like someone from a serious drama. Jackie decides to read Namu's mind, and he thus learns of all the problems in Namu's village. Jackie thinks he definitely doesn't belong in a gag anime.

The announcer calls for the third match to begin. Lanfan winks at Namu before flying at him with a kick to the face. Then Lanfan pounds him in the back, and Namu just barely manages to jump out of the way before she can deliver another kick. Namu prepares to swing at her, but Lanfan suddenly screams, so Namu just taps her lightly on the arm. Lanfan sits down and starts crying, so Namu asks her if she's okay. Jackie jeers at Namu for making her cry, which intrigues Yamcha. But Lanfan reveals she was just faking by punching Namu hard in the gut. She tries to punch him again, but he catches her smaller fist. Namu becomes angry and says he will no longer think of her as a woman. Lanfan looks worried, then quickly switches to a cute face, but Namu won't fall for that now. Namu swings at her, and she frantically jumps over it just in time. Lanfan then attempts a kick to the face, but Namu easily blocks it. She next leaps up and attempts to strike from above, but Namu blocks that too.

Lanfan decides to take a different route this time. She takes off her clothes, leaving only her bra and panties. Namu is very embarrassed by this, but Jackie thinks it's great. Between this crudeness and his incredible strength, Yamcha starts to think that Jackie Chun must be the Almighty Fighting Master. Lanfan walks towards Namu, and he backs away until he finds himself at the edge of the ring. Jackie loves this "technique," but Gokuu is completely confused. Namu desperately begins to think of the water his village needs. Lanfan then rushes toward him, but Namu suddenly realizes he can close his eyes to avoid seeing her exposed form any longer. Lanfan swings at Namu, but he jumps over it and pops her on the back of the neck. She stays down for a 10 count, giving the victory to Namu. Jackie then hovers over her unconscious body as the announcer asks him to not grope the contestant. Yamcha is certain of Jackie's identity now.


This episode includes all the events of Chapter 37 and Chapter 38. These chapters were first printed approximately 11 months before this episode first aired. Anime-original material includes a confrontation between Gokuu, Giran, and Namu, additional interactions between Jackie and Lanfan, extensions to the Lanfan fight, and other minor additions and alterations. Flashbacks to Namu's village are shown more often than they were in the manga, but it is the same material repeated and features nothing new.


Giran's actor is not credited at all. There are many other uncredited roles and non-speaking characters, such as the residents of Namu's village in the flashbacks, and other spectators and Martial Arts Fest officials.


The events of this episode take place at the World's Best Martial Arts Fest grounds, at the Fighting Stage and the area surrounding it.

This episode takes place during Age 750, immediately after the events of the previous episode.


Home Video

This episode was first released on DVD in the limited edition Dragon Ball Dragon Box on July 7th, 2004. It was again released in single disc format on May 2nd, 2007 as part of Dragon Ball #4.


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