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Chapter 37

Second Match

Author: 鳥山明 Akira Toriyama
Weekly Jump Issue: 1985 #37
Pages: 14
Color Pages: No
Tankoubon: 4
Kanzenban: 3


Gokuu congratulates Kuririn out in the ring while an official notes the victory on the competitor chart. The boys look in the audience for the Turtle Hermit, but he isn't there. Blooma and Puer tell them he disappeared before the match started. Kuririn wonders about him missing their matches, but Gokuu smells the old man somewhere. Now the second match will start, so the announcer tells Gokuu and Kuririn to head back to the waiting room. He then calls out Jackie Chun and Yamcha. Yamcha heads out first, and Gokuu wishes him well. Jackie quickly follows, complimenting Kuririn's kick on the way.

The announcer introduces Yamcha to the crowd, and Oolong and Puer cheer for him, while Blooma wonders what "Jackie Chun-sama" is like. Oolong brings up her boyfriend, but she says this is fine. However, when she sees that Jackie is an old man, she instead cheers for Yamcha. Yamcha wonders about this old man he's never heard of, and then the announcer calls for the match to begin. Yamcha continues wondering about Jackie, who isn't moving at all. Then Yamcha flies at him with a punch, but misses. He kicks, then swings at him, but Jackie dodges all of his attacks. Jackie tells Yamcha he's making wasteful movements, while Gokuu yells for Kuririn to come watch this awesome old man.

Yamcha intends to up the stakes with Wolf Fang Wind Wind Fist now. Kuririn asks Gokuu if this Yamcha person really is strong, so Gokuu explains that he's very fast and strong. Oolong is concerned for Yamcha, but Puer insists he'll be fine. Yamcha then uses Wolf Fang Wind Wind Fist, but Jackie manages to see through it and jump out of the way. Everyone is amazed. Jackie then backflips over to Yamcha and decides to give him some refreshing wind as a present. He swipes his arm, and the gust of wind from it knocks Yamcha out of the ring. This makes a ringout, so Jackie Chun has won. The announcer goes on about Jackie's strength as Yamcha stares at the old man in shock. Gokuu can't believe Yamcha lost, while Kuririn is especially concerned, since he has to fight the old man in the next round.


The events of this chapter are depicted in Dragon Ball 22. This episode first aired approximately 11 months after this chapter was first published. Anime-original material includes a confrontation between Gokuu, Giran, and Namu, interactions between Jackie and Lanfan, and other minor additions and alterations.


There are also numerous other people, including spectators and Martial Arts Fest officials.


The events of this chapter take place at the World's Best Martial Arts Fest grounds, at the Fighting Stage and the area surrounding it.

This chapter takes place during Age 750, immediately after the events of the previous chapter.



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