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ドラゴンボール 第27話
Dragon Ball 27

Gokuu's Biggest Predicament

Episode Title Screen Episode Still Image
放送日 Original Air Date: 1986/08/27
脚本 Teleplay: 平野靖士 Yasushi Hirano
演出 Episode Director: 竹之内和久 Kazuhisa Takenouchi
作画監督 Animation Director: 内山まさゆき Masayuki Uchiyama
美術 Background Art: 伊藤岩光 Iwamitsu Itou


Jackie eerily wave his hands around. He then starts chanting, slowly lulling Gokuu to sleep. Gokuu soon collapses, and Jackie calls that technique Good Boys Go to Sleep Fist. The announcer complains that that was more like hypnotism than martial arts, but Jackie tells him to just hurry and count. Blooma tries shouting at Gokuu, but Jackie says he's the only one that can wake him. Yamcha, Kuririn, and Oolong try shouting as well, while Jackie thinks losing will be good for Gokuu. But at the count of 9, Blooma gets the idea to shout that it's time to eat. Gokuu wakes instantly and frantically runs around asking for the food. Jackie can't believe this, while Gokuu's friends feel relieved. Gokuu then asks Jackie where the food is, but the old man tells him they're in the middle of a match. Blooma shouts that Gokuu can eat plenty after he wins the match.

Gokuu thus intends to end things quickly. He charges at Jackie with a Rock-Paper-Scissors Rock, followed by a Scissors, and then a Paper, but Jackie easily blocks all of them. Gokuu can't believe this, since Rock-Paper-Scissors is supposed to be unique to his grandpa, yet Jackie is already familiar with it. But Gokuu decides to try again anyway. He calls out Paper, but does a punch instead, knocking Jackie to the ground. A count begins, and Blooma clutches Oolong in her excitement over Gokuu's success. Oolong enjoys this location, face deep in her chest. But Jackie slowly begins to recover and return to his feet at 7. Blooma then realizes Oolong is in her arms and hits him on the head.

The two competitors stare each other down as the sun begins to set. Yamcha and Kuririn believe Gokuu has this in the bag. Jackie considers the dangers of a certain technique, but doubts it could kill Gokuu. He then drops his fighting stance and states that Gokuu will lose. Gokuu questions this, and Blooma does as well, but Jackie insist this is serious. He begins to roll up his sleeves and explains that only one person has ever forced him to this technique. Now Gokuu will be the second. The first person was Gokuu's grandfather, SON Gohan. Gokuu is shocked to hear that Jackie has fought Grandpa.

Jackie places his hands together, stands with his feet apart, and begins charging up as everyone watches in awe. He then pulls his hands apart and points his palms toward Gokuu as they start to flash. After a great deal of charging that causes cracks in the ground, he finally announces his International Surprise Palm. Electricity shoots from his hands, catching Gokuu in a large stream. The stream holds Gokuu mid-air, screaming in pain from the electric shock. Yamcha recognizes this technique as one that can be fatal. Jackie yells to concede, but Gokuu instead sticks his tongue out. Soon Yamcha, Kuririn, Oolong, and Blooma also tell Gokuu to give in, and he reluctantly starts to agree. But before Gokuu can finish saying the words, he gets a strange look in his eyes. There is now a full moon in the sky, and thus Gokuu transforms into a Great Monkey again. Yamcha and Blooma are scared, while Jackie and Kuririn are shocked.

The announcer wonders what sort of ability Gokuu has used to turn into a giant monkey, while Blooma says that her worst fear has come true. Jackie then screams in disbelief as Gokuu breaks free of the electricity. Gokuu begins smashing the main building, grabbing a chunk of the roof and tossing it aside as people run away screaming. The announcer says that he cannot run away because of his role as judge, but Jackie says he has it worse, since running away would be a ringout. As Gokuu continues smashing up the building, Kuririn yells at him to stop this technique and return to normal, only to have a chunk of wall thrown his way. Yamcha then explains that this is not a technique. Gokuu just turns into a monster when he sees the full moon. Jackie hears this and realizes there's only one solution.

After just barely avoiding Gokuu's giant foot, Jackie becomes serious and tosses his shirt aside. Kuririn worries that this could be permanent, but Yamcha explains that it's easy to stop. Yamcha then tells Puer they'll handle this the way they did before: Yamcha will grab Gokuu's tail, and Puer will turn into scissors and cut it off. But Oolong points Yamcha to the old man, who has suddenly bulked up (just as he did at Mount Frypan). Jackie looks up at Gokuu and announces Kamehameha Wave Max Power. Yamcha then realizes Jackie plans to kill Gokuu and tries to stop him. But he is too late, because Jackie successfully fires a large Kamehameha Wave in Gokuu's direction. There is an explosion, and when everything clears, Kuririn begins to ask where Gokuu is. Blooma assumes that Gokuu has died and begins to cry, but Kuririn sadly shouts that it can't be true. All of Gokuu's friends begin to choke up, including the narrator.


This episode includes events from the second half of Chapter 49, all of Chapter 50, and all of Chapter 51. These chapters were first printed approximately 9 months before this episode first aired. Anime-original material includes Oolong groping Blooma, extensions to the International Surprise Palm and Great Monkey transformation scenes, a few dialogue changes related to the defeat of Great Monkey Gokuu, and other minor additions and alterations.


There are many other uncredited roles and non-speaking characters, such as spectators and Martial Arts Fest officials.


The events of this episode take place at the World's Best Martial Arts Fest grounds, at the Fighting Stage and the area surrounding it.

This episode takes place during Age 750, immediately after the events of the previous episode.


Home Video

This episode was first released on DVD in the limited edition Dragon Ball Dragon Box on July 7th, 2004. It was again released in single disc format on May 2nd, 2007 as part of Dragon Ball #5.


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