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ドラゴンボール 第28話
Dragon Ball 28

Crash!! Power vs Power

Episode Title Screen Episode Still Image
放送日 Original Air Date: 1986/09/03
脚本 Teleplay: 島田 満 Michiru Shimada
演出 Episode Director: 西尾大介 Daisuke Nishio
作画監督 Animation Director: 青嶋克己 Katsumi Aoshima
美術 Background Art: 山元健生 Takeo Yamamoto


The announcer starts to declare Jackie the winner, but Kuririn and Blooma scream out that he's a murderer. Jackie then tells them to look harder as he points to Gokuu's naked body lying in the wreckage. Kuririn beams with happiness, and Jackie explains that his target was the moon. The announcer looks into the sky and confirms that the moon is now gone. He then laments the loss of moonlight meals and wolfmen transformations until Jackie demands that he start counting.

But Gokuu stands up at 2, wondering why he is naked. His friends are glad to see that he is alive, while Jackie is annoyed that the match must continue. Gokuu and Jackie face off again, but some girls in the crowd giggle over Gokuu's nudity, so the announcer calls for a break for Gokuu to put some clothes on. Kuririn then climbs into the ring to lend Gokuu his own dougi. They change in the remains of the waiting area, where Kuririn changes back into his old Oorin Temple uniform. Kuririn tries to question Gokuu about his monster form, but Gokuu is completely clueless. He then notices the wreckage and wonders what caused it.

Gokuu finally returns to the ring, but now he has become weak from hunger. Jackie tries to use this opportunity to finish him with a Kamehameha Wave, but he apparently lacks the energy to fire another one. This makes Gokuu realize that the old man can no longer fly either. He fires his own Kamehameha Wave, which Jackie manages to avoid by jumping high. Gokuu uses this opportunity to jump kick Jackie, knocking him outside of the ring. It appears that Gokuu has won, and his friends begin to cheer, but Jackie interrupts the celebrations to tell everyone to look closer. His left foot is jammed into the side of the ring, so his entire body hovers a few inches above the ground. Thus, the match will continue.

Jackie notes that Gokuu's Kamehameha Wave was fairly weak, so the rest of this match will have to be entirely physical, and the strongest one will be the victor. The two of them then block each other's punches until Jackie delivers a palm strike to knock Gokuu backwards. They each stop to catch their breath before continuing the exchange of blocked punches. Jackie ends the exchange by delivering a low kick, but Gokuu quickly leaps aside, and then returns with a kick to Jackie's face that sends the old man flying.

After another brief pause, Jackie begins a flurry of strikes and kicks that Gokuu is barely able to avoid, but the boy soon resumes his own offensive as well. They continue at an equal pace until Gokuu delivers a hard kick to Jackie's gut, but Jackie quickly counters with a hard knee to Gokuu's stomach. Gokuu then punches Jackie in the face, and Jackie follows up with a palm to Gokuu's face. The two of them break to catch their breath and recover from their respective damage. Jackie thinks to himself that he should finish things now, but he is not sure how, since Gokuu's body is too small for an abdominal stretch or figure four leglock. But then he realizes exactly what to do about a small body.

Jackie and Gokuu both rush toward each other until they both jump and kick each other in the face. They each collapse from the impact, which the announcer calls a double knockout. He then begins to count both competitors down. Gokuu's friends try to encourage him to stand up, while other crowd members cheer for Jackie. But the count reaches 10 before either of them can stand. So the announcer declares a sudden death until someone stands, smiles, and says, "I'm the winner." Gokuu slowly climbs to his feet, with Jackie a step behind him. Gokuu is then the first to fully stand, and he smiles and slowly says, "I'm... the... win..." But he collapses again, still smiling.

Jackie is now fully standing, and he struggles to speak the first syllable. But he suddenly grins, takes a victory stance, and repeatedly shouts, "I'm the winner!!!" The announcer officially declares him the winner as the crowd cheers. Jackie thinks that his longer legs made his kick more effective, and that Gokuu was the first person to push him this hard. Gokuu then begins to wake up. He realizes he has lost, and the crowd applauds for them.

The announcer asks for another round of applause for Jackie before giving him the 500,000 Zenii prize. Jackie then prepares to leave the ring, but Gokuu happily asks Jackie if they can fight again after he trains. Jackie thinks that would be good. Shortly afterward, Gokuu reunites with Kuririn in the remains of the rear waiting area, and the boys decide to go look for their master. After they leave the area, the old man rips off his wig and changes back into his suit, hat, and sunglasses. He then looks at his prize money and fantasizes about spending it on attractive women, causing him to nosebleed.

Gokuu, who is weak from hunger, and the others wonder where the Turtle Hermit is until he finally joins them. Blooma asks where he has been, so he explains that he watched the matches from the back, and was in the bathroom just now. Kuririn asks if he saw them fight, and the Turtle Hermit confirms it by stating that they both fought very well. Kuririn thinks that hunger is the only reason Gokuu lost, but Gokuu says the old man was just really strong either way. The Turtle Hermit agrees, explaining that the world is full of stronger people, and now the real training begins. Gokuu and Kuririn understand, and so the Turtle Hermit decides to treat them to a big dinner. He invites Yamcha, Blooma, Oolong, and Puer to join them, though Blooma hopes there is no catch to his offer.

At a restaurant, Gokuu scarfs down plate after plate as the others watch in disbelief. Some time passes, and Blooma thinks Gokuu has eaten 30 servings, but Yamcha says it was actually 50. Gokuu then asks the waiter for two more, but the group's reaction to the request makes him reconsider. So Gokuu instead decides to settle for having eaten in moderation, causing everyone to fall out of their seats. The Turtle Hermit then goes to pay the bill, which is 470,000 Zenii. Nearly all of the prize money.


This episode includes all the events of Chapter 52 and Chapter 53, and half of Chapter 54. These chapters were first printed approximately 9 months before this episode first aired. Anime-original material includes a very long extension to the Gokuu vs Jackie fight, the Turtle Hermit fantasizing about scantily clad women, and other minor additions and alterations. There are also a few omissions of manga content, such as a scene in which Gokuu and Kuririn say goodbye to Jackie.


There are many other uncredited roles and non-speaking characters, such as spectators, Martial Arts Fest officials, restaurant staff, and restaurant patrons.


The events of this episode take place primarily in the Southern Capital. There are scenes at the World's Best Martial Arts Fest grounds, at the Fighting Stage and the area surrounding it, in the wreckage of the waiting room, somewhere outside the Martial Arts Temple Main Building near a well, and at the outer reception area. There is also a scene at a restaurant called Delicious.

This episode takes place during Age 750, and begins immediately after the events of the previous episode. There are many small time skips leading into nightfall by the episode's end.


Home Video

This episode was first released on DVD in the limited edition Dragon Ball Dragon Box on July 7th, 2004. It was again released in single disc format on May 2nd, 2007 as part of Dragon Ball #5.


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