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ドラゴンボール 第29話
Dragon Ball 29


Another Adventure: The Wandering Lake

Episode Title Screen Episode Still Image
放送日 Original Air Date: 1986/09/10
脚本 Teleplay: 小山高男 Takao Koyama
演出 Episode Director: 岡崎 稔 Minoru Okazaki
作画監督 Animation Director: 前田 実 Minoru Maeda
美術 Background Art: 伊藤岩光 Iwamitsu Itou


The next day, at the edge of the city, Yamcha asks Gokuu and Kuririn if they'll continue training. The Turtle Hermit says he has nothing left to teach them, so they must take their own paths from now on. Gokuu thus decides to search for Grandpa's Dragon Ball. Kuririn wonders what that is, so Gokuu simply explains that it is a memento of his late grandfather. Oolong and Puer tell Gokuu he'll have to search alone. The Turtle Hermit then asks Kuririn what he will do, but Kuririn has not yet decided, so he will stay with the Turtle Hermit a little longer. The Turtle Hermit tries to convince the boy not to do this, but Kuririn insists he is too inexperienced. The old man curses the fact that he can't be alone with Lunch, daydreaming of a quiet date with her on the beach.

Gokuu wonders what Blooma and the others will do, and she replies that they will just return to the Western Capital. Yamcha offers to take the Turtle Hermit home, but he declines because he has errands here. Gokuu looks through the Turtle Hermit's briefcase for his belongings, and then states that he is leaving. He wants to start as soon as possible, and then he calls for the Somersault Cloud. Kuririn asks to join him, but Gokuu rejects the offer, since Kuririn can't ride the Somersault Cloud. After confirming that he knows how to use the Dragon Radar, Gokuu finally flies away into the sunny sky.

Meanwhile, Blooma's group is driving through a desert in a van, since Blooma apparently lost the plane capsule. Back in the Southern Capital, Kuririn stands on a street corner waiting for the Turtle Hermit to finish souvenir shopping. But the old man is busy gawking at women's underwear. He then gets the idea to buy some underwear for Lunch. Inside the store, he tells a clerk that he wants to buy this pair for his granddaughter. He does not know her size, though, and he thus asks the clerk if she would try on the underwear. But the clerk angrily smacks him.

As Gokuu flies over the desert, he decides to check the Dragon Radar, but he's still far away from any Dragon Ball. Elsewhere in the desert, Namu has returned to his village, where he tells the crowd of villagers that he has indeed returned with water. He tosses his capsule onto the nearby sand, and out pops two giant tanks of water. He turns the handle of one tank to release a stream of water into the area. An old man thanks Namu for his hard work, but Namu redirects the gratitude to the village for sending him to the World's Best Martial Arts Fest. Namu also thanks the Almighty Fighting Master, recalling the moment he gave Namu the capsule.

The villagers begin to make use of their water, bathing children and spreading it on their crops. But Namu worries that the drought is not the only reason their river has dried up. The old man, an elder, confirms that it actually did rain a couple times during Namu's absence, but water never flowed this way. He theorizes there may be a problem upstream, so Namu decides he will investigate the issue. The elder then mentions a legend about a mysterious lake that moves through the desert, which supposedly rescues villages from droughts. Namu ponders this before heading through the desert.

As Namu makes his way across the sand, a pteranodon suddenly swoops down and tries to attack him. But Namu evades it and leaps high into the air, then dives back down to use Aerial X Fist. The attack does not succeed, however, because the pteranodon flies into Namu and ruins the dive. As Namu begins to fall, the pteranodon grabs the man in his claws. Meanwhile, Gokuu is growing hot and thirsty, but luckily he spots an oasis. He takes a break to swim in the oasis pond, but his fun is interrupted when the pteranodon carrying Namu suddenly flies overhead.

Gokuu quickly leaves the water, puts his clothes back on, and returns to the Somersault Cloud to chase the pteranodon. He soon reaches them, and Namu pleads for his help. But the pteranodon does not want this kid interfering with his meal and attempts to knock Gokuu away with his tail. Gokuu barely avoids it by jumping off of the Somersault Cloud and pulling himself back up. The pteranodon then decides to eat Gokuu too, attempting to grab the boy with his free claw. But Gokuu extends his Compliance Staff and whacks the pteranodon over the head with it. Namu is released from his grip and begins to fall toward the sand below, followed by the pteranodon himself. Gokuu catches Namu as the pteranodon crashes into a stone structure. The boy then pats Namu's crotch and discovers that Namu is male, while also noting that Namu is the first male able to ride the Somersault Cloud.

In another area of the desert, the van has run out of gasoline, so Blooma, Yamcha, Oolong, and Puer are all stuck sitting beside it in the sand. Blooma suggests that Oolong transform into an umbrella, but the pig refuses. Puer doubts he is even capable of the task, so Oolong transforms after all to prove him wrong. Yamcha then tells Puer to turn into an electric fan, and Puer promptly complies. Blooma and Yamcha decide to relax under the Oolong umbrella's shade until nightfall as Puer blows air on them. Oolong does not like this plan.

Gokuu and Namu fly across the desert until they reach the river's source, which is a grassy area at the foot of a cliff. Atop the cliff they find a lake that has been dammed up to stop most of the flow to the river below. The lake is filled with dinosaur-like people resembling Giran, and Namu decides to talk to them about their dam. But these people, who call themselves the Giran Clan, insist they need their dam. Namu begs these monstrous people to share their water at least partially, but they repeatedly refuse. One of them kicks Namu away, and he attempts to repeat it when Namu approaches him again, but Namu instead tosses the monster aside.

The Giran Clan grows angry and prepares to gang up on Namu, but Gokuu quickly comes to Namu's aid. The group then piles on Gokuu, and the boy easily tosses all five of them away. However, the brawl is interrupted when the Giran Clan boss suddenly arrives. Their boss is the Giran whom Gokuu fought at the World's Best Martial Arts Fest, and he tells his men that they are no match for Gokuu. Giran then explains that their Round-and-Round Gum has created a dam so sturdy that they couldn't open it even if they wanted to. Gokuu wants to try breaking it, so Giran tells him he's welcome to try.

On the bank below the cliff, Gokuu fires a Kamehameha Wave, and the blast does manage to crack the gum holding the dam together. Namu and the Giran Clan stare in awe as water begins to burst through and fill the river. Giran is impressed with Gokuu's strength.

Later, as the sun begins to set, Gokuu and Namu have returned to Namu's village. The water has reached the village, and Namu and the elder both thank Gokuu for his help. But the desert is suddenly filled with dark clouds and strong winds. The Oolong umbrella is unable to withstand these winds, on top of the 5 minute limitation of his transformation ability. Blooma notes that Puer's ability has no such limitation, so Puer explains that it's because he didn't get kicked out of transformation school. Yamcha says this is a sandstorm, and the four of them decide to take refuge in their van. The people of Namu's village also run indoors to hide from the sandstorm.

By nightfall, the storm has ended, but the river at the village is once again completely dry and empty, and the villagers grow sad. However, Gokuu suddenly notices something in the distance and goes to investigate with the Somersault Cloud. It is a lake, which the elder says must be the mysterious lake of legend as the villagers happily crowd around it. Meanwhile, the sandstorm has managed to bring Blooma's group and their van all the way back to the Southern Capital. Gokuu then resumes his travels, flying across the desert into the night sky.


This episode includes the remaining events of Chapter 54 that were not depicted in the previous episode, though they have all been repurposed to take place at a slightly different time and place. This chapter was first printed approximately 9 months before this episode first aired. The majority of the episode is made up of anime-original material, which includes the Turtle Hermit fantasizing about Lunch, the Turtle Hermit remaining in the Southern Capital to shop for women's underwear, Blooma, Yamcha, et al. getting lost in a desert, and a lengthy story in which Gokuu helps Namu's village recover from its drought.


Mr. Yanami also has an uncredited role as the elder of Namu's village. The Jackie Chun persona appears in a flashback, and Lunch has a non-speaking appearance in a fantasy. There are many other uncredited roles and non-speaking characters, such as an underwear store clerk, other residents of Namu's village, and other members of the Giran Clan.


The events of this episode take place on Papaya Island. There are scenes in the Southern Capital, at the edge of the city, on a street corner, and in a women's underwear store within the city. There are also many scenes at various locations throughout a vast desert outside of the Southern Capital, including Namu's village, an oasis, a vegetation-filled area upstream from Namu's village, and a cliff above that vegetation-filled area. An unspecified beach appears in a fantasy, and the World's Best Martial Arts Fest grounds appear in a flashback.

This episode takes place during Age 750, and begins the day after the events of the previous episode. There are many small time skips leading into sunset and then nightfall by the episode's end.


Home Video

This episode was first released on DVD in the limited edition Dragon Ball Dragon Box on July 7th, 2004. It was again released in single disc format on May 2nd, 2007 as part of Dragon Ball #5.


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