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Chapter 19

Finally, the Dragon Appears!

Author: 鳥山明 Akira Toriyama
Weekly Jump Issue: 1985 #19
Pages: 15
Color Pages: Yes
Tankoubon: 2
Kanzenban: 2


The trapped group realizes there's no way to escape, while Pilaf gloats over the fact that he'll soon be the king of the world. Shuu and Mai then arrive to explain that they didn't find the missing Dragon Ball in their car. This means one of them must have it on their person. They turn to the security monitor to view the prisoners, and Mai states that it may be between that man's legs. Pilaf scolds her for that vulgar gag, and Mai apologizes while holding some poop on a stick. Pilaf is angered further, complaining that the author wants to at least show some class in this manga.

Yamcha makes a bad pun, to which Oolong responds that he should be thinking of a way to escape instead. Pilaf then appears on a monitor in the wall and introduces himself. Blooma yells at him for having stolen their Dragon Balls. Gokuu thinks they can get out if they break that window, but Yamcha explains that it's just a television. Pilaf continues, suggesting that they hand over the ball with four stars, or else. Blooma sticks her tongue at him, so Pilaf decides he's going to retaliate with something perverted. A mechanical arm suddenly comes through the ceiling and takes Blooma away, bringing her to the monitor room. Yamcha is worried, Gokuu doesn't understand, and Oolong is excited.

Pilaf demands to know where the final Dragon Ball is, but Blooma gives him the finger, so he prepares to use his perverted thing. Blooma is scared now, but Pilaf simply blows her a kiss. Shuu and Mai blush, and Pilaf is also red in the face. But Blooma thinks that was nothing, and cites all the worse things she expected, which shocks and disgusts Pilaf, Shuu, and Mai. Pilaf then sends her back into the other room. Mai suggests they try using some sleeping gas, so gas comes out of the walls in the small room, and everyone passes out. A bit later, a wall opens, and Pilaf prepares to get the Dragon Ball, but he inhales the gas and passes out as well. Shuu and Mai (wearing gas masks) are behind him, noting that he didn't wear his. Shuu tends to Pilaf, while Mai searches the prisoners until she finds the Si Xing Qiu in Gokuu's pouch.

Night has fallen, and Pilaf, Shuu, and Mai are now outside of the castle. Pilaf has just woken up, but he's pleased his henchman have gotten all seven balls. Back inside, everyone has woken up, and Gokuu and Yamcha are unable to break through the walls. Yamcha then tells Gokuu to use a Kamehameha Wave to get them out of there. Gokuu wonders why Yamcha knows about that, but Yamcha brushes it off. The seven balls are gathered, and Pilaf stands over them, ready to summon the god dragon. Gokuu performs a Kamehameha Wave, but it only opens a small hole in the wall. Yamcha looks through it, and sees Pilaf's group out there; they still haven't summoned the dragon yet. He tells Puer to transform into a bat and fly down there, so Blooma yells at Oolong to do the same, otherwise, "Pee-Pee"... Puer and Oolong then fly toward Pilaf as he begins to summon Shen Long. The Dragon Balls start to glow, and a large dragon emerges from them.


The events of this chapter are depicted in Dragon Ball 11. This episode first aired approximately 12 months after this chapter was first published. Considerable anime-original material makes up the remainder of the episode, such as a lengthy sequence in which Gokuu's group is chased by a giant pinball.

Yamcha recalls Gokuu's ability to use the Kamehameha Wave in this chapter, which he had secretly witnessed in Chapter 15.



The events of this chapter take place in and around Pilaf's castle.

This chapter takes place during Age 749, shortly after the events of the previous chapter.



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