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Chapter 59

Sankai no Akuma!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #9
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 5
Kanzenban: 4


Gokuu is impressed with Metallic's composure after taking that attack. Metallic then slams his foot down, and Gokuu just barely jumps up out of the way. While mid-air, Metallic punches Gokuu, and he bounces off the floor into the wall. Metallic comes over to finish him off, but Gokuu gets on his feet, and then jumps up and headbutts Metallic in the chin. Metallic is knocked over, and Gokuu's head really hurts (because Metallic has a "really hard face"). Metallic gets up again, and Gokuu tells him he should compete in the Tenkaichi Budoukai.

Metallic suddenly fires a rocket from his mouth, and there's an explosion, putting a hole in the wall. It seems Metallic has won, but Gokuu is safe behind a pillar. He thinks about the Kamehameha-looking thing that came from his mouth, then decides he'll use his own Kamehameha. Gokuu shows himself, and launches his Kamehameha at Metallic. When the smoke clears, Metallic's head is gone, with wires and stuff sticking up from his neck.

Gokuu thinks he's done something bad, and claps and begins praying. But Metallic's arm starts moving slowly, and his fist flies off like a rocket and hits Gokuu. The other fist then tries to punch Gokuu, then swats at him, but Gokuu dodges, and wonders what's happened. White comes in over the PA system and says Sergeant Metallic is a robot, and so Gokuu decides to use his reserve strength. But suddenly, Metallic stops moving, and the ninja guy says his batteries have run out... Gokuu runs upstairs towards the fourth floor, as White yells at the ninja guy to go defend that floor.








  1. Incomplete
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