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Chapter 60

Ninja Murasaki

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #10
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 5
Kanzenban: 5


Gokuu keeps running upstairs, and he reaches the fourth floor. There's a house here, along with grass on the ground and a small forest. Gokuu doesn't understand why there's an outside indoors. Suddenly, some kunai come flying at Gokuu, and he just manages to hops onto a rock to avoid them. Then a voice calls out (presumably the ninja guy, whom a narration box said is named Master Sergeant Murasaki), and tells Gokuu he'll die here on the fourth floor.

Some shuriken come flying in, landing in the rock, while Gokuu ducks behind said rock. Gokuu realizes they came from that direction, and so he picks up a stone and throws it into the trees. Direct hit, and Murasaki falls to the ground, with his face messed up. Murasaki says he was lucky, but Gokuu insists it wasn't luck. Murasaki gets mad, and then throws a smoke bomb over at Gokuu. When the smoke clears, Murasaki is gone. Murasaki calls out that Gokuu won't find him this time, as he's using his Kakuremi no Jutsu. Gokuu walks through the forest, until he spots Murasaki holding the American flag over himself up against a tree. Murasaki gets pissed, since he used the wrong side, then flips the flag over to reveal a much better tree-patterned camouflage.

Now, Murasaki's going to use a high level hiding technique, and tells Gokuu to count to thirty. Gokuu gets to eighteen, but doesn't know what comes next. He turns around to ask, spotting Murasaki partially covered by a fake rock. Murasaki yells at him about how great hiding under this rock was going to be, and Gokuu agrees that it looks very real. Murasaki tells Gokuu it's nineteen, then twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three... Murasaki hides again, and when Gokuu finishes counting, he can't find him. Until he hears something. Breathing noises coming from the pond near the house, and there's a reed sticking up. A side-view panel reveals that Murasaki is hiding underwater, breathing through the reed. This is his famous Suiton no Jutsu. Gokuu looks at the breathing, then runs in the house and comes back with a steaming pot, and pours it down the reed. Murasaki's tongue is burnt, and he's pissed.

Murasaki is through with the hiding techniques, and wants to attack more directly. He then runs off through the trees, and calls Gokuu on, challenging him to match his ninja speed. Gokuu dashes after him, and when he nearly catches up, Murasaki throws some tacks on the ground. Gokuu steps on them, and it hurts, but then he comes back with a pair of geta sandals, and he easily runs over the tacks. Gokuu then passes up Murasaki, winning their race. Murasaki pants and tries to catch his breath, while Gokuu does a happy dance. White says that while Murasaki has power, his brains are... "To be continued."








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