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Chapter 61

忍法! 四畳半タタミ返し!!
Ninpou! Yonjouhan Tatamigaeshi!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #11
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 6
Kanzenban: 5


White yells at Murasaki over the PA system, so Murasaki decides to get serious. He pulls out his katana, and tells Gokuu he'll die. Murasaki jumps up and attempts to drive his katana down towards Gokuu, and so Gokuu plants the Nyoibou in the ground so it's sticking up. Just before Murasaki comes down, Gokuu backs away, and the bou goes straight up Murasaki's ass as he comes down. Murasaki runs around screaming, and Gokuu laughs about him also having a tail now. Then Gokuu pulls it out, ("Ooh!!"), and Murasaki clutches his ass while Gokuu laughs some more.

Murasaki's really pissed, and grabs his katana and swings at Gokuu. But Gokuu blocks it with his bou, then starts coming at Murasaki, who just barely holds off the Nyoibou with his katana. Until Gokuu takes one hard swipe down and breaks the blade off the katana. "Ah!! My reknown katana, the Sasanishiki!!" Gokuu says it's no match for his Nyoibou. Then Murasaki throws his broken katana down and suggests they fight with bare hands. Gokuu puts his bou away, and Murasaki throws a curved blade at Gokuu, but Gokuu jumps over it. Gokuu says he's dirty for lying, but Murasaki insists this is a game of life-or-death. Then the blade comes back and hits Gokuu in the back of the head, knocking him out, and Murasaki calls this blade a Boomerang Shuriken.

Murasaki celebrates his victory while White compliments him over the PA system, until Gokuu starts to get back up. His head REALLY hurts, and Murasaki can't believe it. "W-w-what a hard head...!! It's a diamond head!!" Gokuu, angry, starts chasing him, and so Murasaki throws some shuriken back at Gokuu. But they hit the tree Gokuu has ducked behind, and he pulls them all out so he can return them, as Murasaki runs into the house. Gokuu comes in after him, and prepares to throw the shuriken as Murasaki kneels confidently over the tatami floor mats. Gokuu throws one, and Murasaki catches it with one of the tatami. This is his Ninpou Tatamigaeshi. Two, three, four, and a fifth shuriken caught with a half-size tatami, then Murasaki laughs. But there are no more tatami, and so Gokuu throws his sixth shuriken right into Murasaki's forehead. Murasaki says it would've been better if he'd had six whole ones instead of four and a half.








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