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Chapter 63

Jinzouningen Hachigou

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #13
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 6
Kanzenban: 5


Murasaki opens the cage, and #8 comes out as Murasaki laughs about how strong he is.

MURASAKI: Come on, do it!! Knock him down!! Beat him to death!!
MURASAKI: Huh!? D-don't tell me... I thought I just heard you say "No"...
EIGHT: Mustn't kill living things. I hate bad stuff.

Murasaki yells at him, but #8 still refuses. Murasaki exclaims that the Red Ribbon Army created him, and can't believe he would refuse to listen to the word of his parents. #8 insists he can't, so Murasaki prepares to make him listen. He pulls a remote controller out of his shirt, and says there's a bomb in his body, just in case of something like this. All he has to do is press the switch to make #8 blow up. Nevertheless, #8 insists he can't do bad things. White thinks he's a traitor and a failed creation, and yells at Murasaki to blow him up. So, Murasaki distances himself, and prepares to push the switch. But then Gokuu charges over and whacks the controller out of his hand, then smashes it. Gokuu then hits Murasaki with a Janken Guu, and Murasaki flies into the wall, knocked out.

Gokuu balances along the railing over towards #8, who thanks Gokuu. Gokuu tells him you have to fight bad guys, though it's not good to kill them. #8 admits that he's scared of fighting. #8 then asks his name. "I'm SON Gokuu. You?" "I'm called Artificial Human #8." Gokuu thinks Whatever-#8 is a weird name, then #8 asks if he's here to help the village elder. Gokuu says yeah, and there's no time to waste. #8 offers to lead the way to the highest floor, as thanks.

They head upstairs to a maze of a room, and Gokuu asks "Hatchan" if this is the fifth floor. #8 says this is between the fourth and fifth floors, and asks about "Hatchan". Gokuu says Whatever-#8 is too hard to say, and #8 likes that name. (Hachi is Japanese for "eight", so Hatchan = "hachi" plus "-chan".) They come to a flight of stairs, and as they ascend, Hatchan explains that through this wall is the fifth floor. It's a secret room with no entrance, and even he doesn't know what's inside. And now at the top of the stairs is the highest floor: the sixth floor control room. Gokuu busts through the door, and demands that the elder be returned. White congratulates him on making it this far, and Hatchan insists that he give in. White says they're the ones who should give in, and presses a button. Gokuu and Hatchan suddenly fall through the floor, into the secret room on the fifth floor...








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