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Chapter 64

5階 戦慄のブヨン
Gokai Senritsu no Buyon

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #14
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 6
Kanzenban: 5


Gokuu lands safe on his feet, and then Hatchan falls down on top of him. They both realize this is the mysterious room on the fifth floor, and White looks down from the trap door and laughs at them. He says to give up the Dragon Ball and the Radar if they want out of there, but Gokuu refuses. So, the trap door closes, and White says he'll watch them die through the monitor. Hatchan asks SONGOKUU (he always says it like a single word) if he's also gathering the Dragon Balls for bad stuff, and Gokuu explains about Grandpa's memento. Hatchan's glad to hear that.

A wall opens up in the room, revealing a huge, fat, drooling, blobby monster. White announces that this monster, Buyon, is gonna eat them, and Hatchan is scared. Gokuu figures he can beat this guy in one hit, though White insists that nothing can affect Buyon. Buyon swipes his huge tail at Gokuu, but Gokuu jumps over it, then kicks off the wall and flies at Buyon with a punch to the face. But Buyon is all rubbery, and Gokuu's fist gets stuck in his face, then plops out, and Gokuu bounces back to the floor. Gokuu can't believe his punch was ineffective, so he tries a kick this time. But Gokuu just bounces off of Buyon's stomach, face first into the wall.

Gokuu doesn't know what to do, and then Buyon shoots some lightning out of his antennae, shocking Gokuu. Buyon then rolls out his long monster tongue, grabs Gokuu with the tip, and rolls his tongue back into his mouth to inhale Gokuu. But Gokuu manages to pry open Buyon's mouth and hop out. Hatchan's very happy to see him safe. Buyon tries shocking Gokuu again, but misses. Gokuu's worried, since he doesn't know how to beat him, but then he decides to try a Kamehameha. "Ka... me... ha... me... haaaaa!!!!" The Kamehameha just bounces off Buyon's stomach, though, and Gokuu's really at a loss now.








  1. Incomplete
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