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Chapter 84

Seichi Karin no Oyako

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #34
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 7
Kanzenban: 6


Gokuu flies along on Kintoun, and wonders about the next Dragon Ball being Grandpa's Fourstarball. Meanwhile, at Red Ribbon Headquarters, Black tells Red that the brat is headed west, and Red says that's towards Colonel Yellow's location. Red asks if they're still having trouble finding the Dragon Ball there, and Black says they are. Red's not too thrilled with that.

At a wooded placed called Karin Holy Land, a very large Native American man is standing in front of a tower holding a spear, and this tiger dude and his men want him to quietly hand over the Dragon Ball. The man says he protects this holy land, and he'll make them pay if they do something to disrupt this place. The tiger dude just laughs about this, and the man says they either leave or die. A little boy, also a Native American, tells Father to look behind him, and then the man throws his spear, and impales this dude through a tree with his spear. The tiger dude tells his men to attack, but the bullets don't affect the man. The man punches this one dude in the face, and then throws another dude into a tree. Then he kicks one dude while punching the other, and the tiger dude decides to run away.

The man sees the tiger dude taking off in his plane, and drops the last dude on the ground. The little boy runs over to Father, and the man says to wait here while he buries these people. Up in the plane, the tiger dude radios in to headquarters, and apparently the tiger dude is Colonel Yellow. He tells Black all his men were wiped out, and Black tells him if he fails, he's history. Then Red walks in, and tells Yellow that this is his last chance, and if he can't get it, he's calling Taopaipai. Yellow's scared now, and Black wonders about the Hitman Taopaipai. Yellow says he can take the man's child as a hostage to take the ball. The little boy is roasting a fish on a small fire, thinking about being strong like Father, and Yellow swoops down in his plane and grabs him.

The man hears his son screaming. "Oh no!! Upa!!!" Yellow says if he doesn't hand over the Dragon Ball, he'll kill this kid. Black thinks this is good back at headquarters, but Red is more worried about the brat named Son Gokuu. Then the bear dude tells Red that Son Gokuu is rapidly approaching Yellow's location. The man says tells Yellow to come down here to get the ball, but Yellow wants him to throw it up there (he thinks the man will kill him if he comes down), and the man says he's not a coward like them.

Then Gokuu shows up on Kintoun, and sees the plane, and the little boy, Upa, crying, "Help, Father!!" Gokuu flies over to the plane, and sees that this is a Red Ribbon plane, and hops on. He punches Yellow off right outta the plane, and Upa starts falling. The man worries about that, but Gokuu swoops down and catches him on Kintoun. "Ossu!" Black says the radio's cut off, and Red says to call Taopaipai.








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