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Chapter 85

Koroshiya "Taopaipai"

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #35
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 8
Kanzenban: 6


The man, called Bora in the cast of characters page, wants to thank Gokuu for saving his son, but Gokuu says he just wanted to help, and defeat the Red Ribbon dude while he was at it. Then Gokuu notices the ball in his hand.

GOKUU: That's it!!! Uncle, you're holding the Dragon Ball!!! Say, show me, show me!!
BORA: You also want this ball...?
GOKUU: Alright!!! It's the Fourstarball!!! I found Grandpa's Fourstarball!!!

Gokuu's very happy, and Bora wonders what's with that ball. Meanwhile, Blue returns to Red Ribbon Headquarters in an air car, and the two guard dudes at the gate don't recognize him, and the one dude threatens to kill him. Blue runs up and elbows him in the face, knocking him into the wall, and he slides to the ground, dead. "How could you forget the face of your superior officer? Filthy scum." The other dude then recognizes General Blue, and Blue tells him to quickly open the gates.

"Here is the world's number one hitman, Taopaipai," says this dude with a long braid with a bow on the end, and an outfit that has the satsu ("kill") kanji on the front, and "KILL YOU!" written on the back in English, and he's in Red's office now. He says he's very expensive, and Red says he'll pay him only if he does the job. Taopaipai says one kill will cost a hundred million zenii, and Black can't believe it. But, this year is his "Hitman-san 20th Anniversary Commerative Campaign", so his services are on sale for fifty million zenii. Black wonders if this really is Taopaipai-san, and Taopaipai asks if he wants to test him.

Just then, Blue comes to the door, and explains the trouble he went through in returning (had to steal a plane, and a car...). Red doesn't care about that, he's more concerned with Son Gokuu's Dragon Balls. Blue says he at least got the Radar, and Red says that's great, but he commanded him to get the Dragon Balls, and those who don't do their duty must be punished. But, he'll give Blue another chance if he can fight Taopaipai and win.

The two face each other, and Taopaipai asks him if he wants an autograph. Blue says that Taopaipai may be the world's number one hitman, but he's the number one in the universe. Taopaipai says he won't use his hands or feet, just his tongue to defeat him, and Blue thinks that sounds fun. Black says to begin, and Blue comes at him with a kick, but Taopaipai dodges, then sticks out his tongue, and drives it into Blue's skull, killing him on the spot. Red and Black are freaked.

Then they go outside, and Black shows Taopaipai a photo of Gokuu. Black says not to underestimate this kid, and Taopaipai says he'll take out anyone if the price is right. Red explains that he also wants him to take the four Dragon Balls from the brat called Son Gokuu, and Black shows him the Sixstarball*. Red says to kill anyone else who interferes, and then Black asks him if he wants a jet plane. Taopaipai says a plane would take too much time, and then he inspects the pillar. He jumps up and taps the top, then gently kicks the base, which is enough to break it off. Taopaipai says he'll be there, twenty-three hundred kilometers northeast, in a half hour. Then he tosses the broken pillar, and jumps on, and flies through the air on it. Sweet!

Back at the Karin Holy Land, Gokuu has apparently explained about the Dragon Balls, and so now Bora understands why they wanted it. Gokuu tells him how he doesn't want a wish, just his Grandpa's memento, the Fourstarball. Then Gokuu asks about the huge tower, so Bora explains about it.

"This holy tower reaches up to the heavens, and it's called Karin Tower. You receive something good if you can get to the top of this tower with your own power. They say that the sennin-sama lives at the top. If you drink the holy water you receive from that person, your power will be increased exponentially. My family has been protecting this holy tower for generations, and now I am the guardian."

Gokuu is very impressed, and asks Uncle if he's ever climbed to the top, and Bora says he tried once when he was younger, but failed. Gokuu thinks it's really tall, and that he couldn't use Kintoun to get to the top. And Taopaipai approaches the tower on his pillar.

*This is a plot hole! Gokuu already got the Sixstarball when he was in Silver's area, and the dialogue clearly pointed it out as such. The other six Dragon Balls all make an appearance in this time period, except for the Sevenstarball, so that's what Black should be holding.








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