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Chapter 86

Taopaipai no Hissatsu Dodonpa

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #36
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 8
Kanzenban: 6


Gokuu and Bora continue talking about the tower, and then Upa spots something. Taopaipai jumps off the pillar, and they just barely move outta the way before it crashes hard into the ground.

BORA: Who the hell are you!!
TAOPAIPAI: The world's number one hitman, Taopaipai!

Bora wonders what a hitman would want at this holy place, but Taopaipai says it's not this place he wants, it's the kid over there. Gokuu doesn't understand, until Taopaipai explains that the Red Ribbon Army hired him to kill him. Gokuu's pissed that they're still after him, and then Upa begs Father to help Big Brother. Bora tells Taopaipai how this boy saved his son's life, and it's his duty to protect this holy land, so he tells Upa to go hide.

In the blink of an eye, Taopaipai moves next to Bora, and grabs the tip of his spear. Bora can't move now, and so Taopaipai says he'll make the move. With one hand, he turns the spear 90° up, making it vertical and putting Bora in the air. Then Taopaipai jerks the spear so that Bora flies straight up, then Taopaipai decides to return the spear, and throws it straight into the air. "Fatherrrrr!!!" Gokuu calls for Kintoun, but it's too late. The three watch as Bora comes crashing to the ground, and then Upa runs over to him, crying.

"Y-you bastard!!!!" Gokuu rushes at Taopaipai, and swipes at him, but Taopaipai jumps out of the way and then kicks Gokuu into Karin Tower. Taopaipai thinks he's dead, and is a bit disappointed, but Gokuu gets up, and decides to give him a Kamehameha. Taopaipai stands with his legs apart, and his arms crossed in front of his face, and takes the blast head on. Taopaipai survives it, but his clothes are torn to shreds, and he's pissed. Then Taopaipai fires his own one-fingered Dodonpa at Gokuu, and he's...dead! Taopaipai grabs the bag with the Dragon Balls, thinking his work here is done.








  1. Incomplete
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