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Chapter 90

Son Gokuu no Gyakushuu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #40
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 8
Kanzenban: 7


At the foot of the tower, Upa runs around with a little tomahawk (aww!), and looks up and wonders if Gokuu-san made it to the top, it's been three days. Meanwhile, Taopaipai's outfit is finished, and he prepares to leave for the Dragon Ball, when the dude asks him to pay. Taopaipai can't believe he'd ask the famous world's number one hitman, Taopaipai, to give him money, and the tailor says he needs money to live. Then Taopaipai decides on an alternate payment, and jabs him in the forehead with his finger, killing him.

Upa is still looking at the tower, and then the pillar crashes into the ground there again. Taopaipai tells him to give up the one remaining ball, and Upa throws the tomahawk at him. But Taopaipai just ducks his head to the left, and then sweep kicks Upa. Taopaipai then holds him up in the air by the neck, and asks about ball, but Upa won't say, so he thinks this stubborn brat wants to die, and throws him towards the tower. Gokuu is diving straight towards the ground, and calls for Kintoun, and he manages to catch Upa before he crashes into the tower. "I was just in time!!!"

Upa's very happy to see Gokuu-san, and Taopaipai's in shock. Gokuu tells Upa how he got stronger, and then says to stay on the cloud as he jumps to the ground. Taopaipai asks how he survived his Dodonpa, and Gokuu says he was saved by his Dragon Ball. Taopaipai says he got lucky, but a miracle won't happen a second time, so quietly hand over the Dragon Ball. Gokuu refuses, and Taopaipai tells him it'll be only three seconds. Taopaipai comes at him, but Gokuu leans backwards and Taopaipai punches right over him, and Gokuu knocks him straight into the air. Gokuu stands up again, then jumps straight up, and kicks Taopaipai mid-air into the tower.

Gokuu says three seconds are already up, and Taopaipai can't believe how he's changed in three days. Gokuu says he trained at the top of the tower, and Taopaipai wonders about it, then remembers a sennin lives up there. Taopaipai thinks it'll be interesting to see what's come of the little exercise the kid's had.








  1. Incomplete
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