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Chapter 91

Seichi no Daikessen!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #41
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 8
Kanzenban: 7


Taopaipai keeps bragging, and Gokuu tells him to quit yapping and come on. After a little more talking, Taopaipai comes at Gokuu, but Gokuu blocks all of his hits, and kicks Taopaipai in the face, and they break. Taopaipai comes at him again, but Gokuu jumps up, so Taopaipai hits the air, too, and punches Gokuu towards the tower. Gokuu kicks off of it, then hits Taopaipai with a punch of his own. Gokuu kicks off the ground, then kicks Taopaipai headfirst into the ground, and comes down himself.

Taopaipai comes back up, his clothes a bit tattered, and pulls off his shirt, and says he was going to easy on him. Then, he fires off his Dodonpa again, and Gokuu stands to catch it this time. Gokuu gets pushed back a few yards, and other than his hands being a little sore, he's fine this time. Taopaipai's in shock, and Gokuu explains how before his Kamehameha was ineffective, but now it's his attack that doesn't work.

Upa's happy with the situation, and Taopaipai pulls a capsule from his pants. Out pops a really badass sword, and he starts swiping at Gokuu with it, and he's just barely able to back outta the way. Taopaipai slices through a tree that Gokuu's hanging onto, and thinks it was great to use his sword. Upa hops off the cloud and runs into his teepee, then he throws Gokuu-san his Nyoi Bo to even the score. Gokuu catches it mid-air, while avoiding Taopaipai's swipes, and then kicks off the tower and lands on the ground. Taopaipai comes at him, but one whack from the Nyoi Bo is enough to cut the sword in half. Then Gokuu throws his bo aside, and says he'll defeat him with his bare hands.








  1. Incomplete
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