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Chapter 99

Gonin no Senshi

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #49
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 9
Kanzenban: 7


Baba tells them they should stop, they're only kids, but Kuririn and Yamcha aren't worried. Puer and Upa say they aren't much fighters, though, and Baba wonders about only three of them going up against her extremely strong five. Kuririn's still really confident, and Yamcha asks about the rules. "Basically, if you give up or fall into the lake, it's a loss."

Baba calls for the match to start, and Kuririn's going first. He tells Gokuu he'll probably beat up all five himself, and then Baba calls out Draculaman. A bat flies out, and then turns into a freaky vampire dude dressed like a kickboxer. Kuririn thinks he looks frail, and Baba calls for the match to begin. Kuririn flies at him with a kick, but Draculaman just jumps up and turns into a bat again. He starts flying all over the place, and Kuririn can't keep up with his speed. Then, he jumps on Kuririn's back, as a person again, and bites down on his head.

Gokuu tells Kuririn to shake him off, and Baba laughs and says he needs to hurry and give up before he bleeds to death. Kuririn then leaps backward, like a backflip, with Draculaman still on his head, and Draculaman lets go of him and Kuririn lands headfirst. Baba offers him a blood transfusion after he loses (Obake has a bag of blood), but Kuririn still wants to go, and starts to get pissed, but blood starts squirting out from the holes in his head. Yamcha yells for Kuririn to calm down, so he starts praying, but the blood just leaks out instead of shooting up. Everyone laughs at him, and he starts to get really pissed, and loses so much blood he starts to get lightheaded. Draculaman takes the opportunity to kick him into the lake.

Obake gives him the blood transfusion, and then Kuririn's head is all taped up. Gokuu tells him he lost too easily, and Kuririn yells at him, then Baba asks who'll fight Draculaman next. They all discuss it, and then Puer and Upa step up. Gokuu asks if they can't fight together since they're so small, and Draculman goes for it (he can have blood from both of them). Yamcha tells them the plan again, and Upa chews on something. Then they get in the ring, and Draculaman runs their way, and Upa breathes garlic in his face. Draculaman really hates that, and so he turns into a bat, then flies down towards Puer. Puer quickly transforms into a porcupine, and then Draculaman has him in his mouth. Draculaman spits him out, that really hurt, and then he looks up, and Upa's standing in the form of a cross. Draculaman turns into a bat again and tries to fly away, so Puer transforms into a hand and swats him down into the lake. The good guys are all excited.








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