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Chapter 98

Uranai Baba

Weekly Jump Issue: 1986 #48
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 9
Kanzenban: 7


They continue flying along, and Yamcha says Gokuu's clothes are all worn out and stinky. Yamcha says they'll go into a town and buy some new clothes before they go have their fortunes told. In the town, Gokuu doesn't much like this little late ninteenth century school boy outfit. Kuririn and Puer laugh at him, and Yamcha says its perfect for him, he looks like a little gentleman. The tailor asks him if he wants the same outfit from before with the kame letter, and Gokuu says yeah, along with a tail hole. The tailor tells him it'll take an hour, and Yamcha whispers to please use the cheapest fabric he has.

The four of them leave the store and wonder what they'll do, and Gokuu decides to go get Upa, and he hops on Kintoun and flies back to Karin Tower. He calls Upa out of his teepee, and he's very happy to see Gokuu-san is still alive. Gokuu explains how he beat up the Red Ribbon Army and he has six Dragon Balls, and then the two of them leave on Kintoun. When they get back to town, Gokuu introduces Upa to everyone, and Yamcha says his clothes are done. Kuririn whispers to Gokuu that this is a cute girl, and Gokuu asks Upa if he's a man. Kuririn's a bit embarrassed as Gokuu tells him he knows men from women, and Yamcha gets annoyed with Gokuu for taking his clothes off right here. Then Yamcha yells at him not to play with himself.

Gokuu's very happy with his new clothes, even shoes, and then they fly off. They look around a bit, and then Kuririn spots it floating in a lake in the desert. (The entrance is on land, and the rest of the palace is floating on platforms in the lake.) Upa thinks it's hot here, and they see there's some dudes ahead of them. Some little ghost dude* comes out and greets them, and Gokuu asks him if this is Urenai Baba's house. (Urenai means "unripe".) The ghost corrects him that it's Uranai Baba-sama, and asks if the five of them are companions, then says they have to wait their turn. Yamcha wonders about this, and then they see a rich couple walking out satisfied. The ghost calls the next group to come in, and then they come back out all beaten up.

The ghost tells Gokuu and everyone to enter, and Upa and Puer are scared. They go inside, and atop a floating crystal ball is a little old hag in a witch's outfit. Gokuu asks her if she's Urenai Baba, and she yells that it's "U-ra-na-i Baba". Gokuu says that's a weird name, and then tells her they want her to find something. She says it'll cost ten million zenii, and Yamcha explains they don't have any money. So, she says to come this way, and leads them outside to a fighting ring right in the middle of the lake. Baba says she wants them to fight against her fighters, and explains that after you beat one, you fight the next fighter. If you lose, you switch off to someone else. If you beat all five of her people, you get a free fortune telling. They think this sounds good, and Kuririn brags about how three of them were competitors in the Tenkaichi Budoukai, and Baba thinks this'll be fun.

*This ghost is simply called Obake in the credits of the anime. Not really a name, but it's better than "the little ghost dude", no?








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