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Chapter 103

孫悟空 強し!!
Son Gokuu Tsuyoshi!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #1·2
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 9
Kanzenban: 7


Miira-kun continues wondering about him, and Baba yells for him to get on with it. Then Miira-kun runs at Gokuu, and punches him in the gut, then uppercuts him. Then he kicks Gokuu hard into one of the devils' faces, cracking it, and then Gokuu lands face first back on the tongue. The good guys're all worried, and Miira-kun and Baba laugh about this, and then Gokuu gets up, and says it's his turn now. Miira-kun's pissed, and Gokuu just walks up to him. He swings at Gokuu, but Gokuu just ducks it and punches him in the gut. Miira-kun's knocked out, and he falls over face first, and so Gokuu holds him over his head and asks about the next match.

Everyone's in shock, but Kamesennin's not too surprised, since he did wipe out the Red Ribbon Army all by himself. Gokuu asks Granny if she'll help them after he beats the next two, and she starts to get pissed. The other two fighters are watching, and one is this devil dude, and the other is a weird dude with a halo in a silly kitty mask. Baba then calls out Akkuman, and apparently that's the devil dude. Kamesennin thinks of how each of them has been getting stronger, and wonders about the last one.

Baba calls for the match to begin, and Akkuman flies up with his devil wings, then tells Gokuu that "me-sama" is gonna send him to hell. Akkuman flies down at Gokuu, but Gokuu just kicks him, and everyone's amazed by Gokuu's speed.








  1. Incomplete
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